Hi everyone! Thanks so much for all your input. Really appreciate it. In total further to the meetings we also had 98 people responding to the questionnaires which distributed in the local area. 400 questionnaire leaflets were delivered informing people of the plans and giving them the opportunity to have their say. From the results please see below the intended scheme. We are now at a stage of trying to raise the funds as directed by the community and will keep you updated with progress as we go along.

and here are the results..24April Barnton Summary Data_All_190424


Just a reminder that you have until 8th March to let us have your thoughts and feedback about the proposed changes to the community garden in Barnton. It’s important that we get as much information from people in the village as we can, before moving on to the next stage. Details are below and the survey can be found by clicking the link here.


As you may already know, Proffitts are working alongside Barnton Parish Council on plans to renovate the community garden in the village.

The proposals include replacing the existing red brick monument with a more fitting tribute to those who fell during WWI. In order to do this, we are working alongside the community to get feedback on the most appropriate design and we want to make sure we capture as many ideas as possible in making any potential improvements. Please look at both the example monument images and the setting / surrounding area sketch designs below and then answer the questions on this short Barnton survey.

Your input and thoughts are essential in making this project happen. If you would like to make any comments on this web page then please add them below. Thank you very much in advance.

Example monuments:



Setting / surrounding garden area only sketch designs:

Option 1: This option uses a low brick built raised planter filled with colourful and sensory plants to create a separation between the garden and the highway. A new, carved stone monument has been created with a bronze plaque giving names and details of those who fell during the Great War. A band of decorative evergreen shrubs creates a backdrop and creates privacy for the adjoining property without blocking out the light.


Option 2: This option has a low stone kerb with decorative railings and archway featuring silhouettes of soldiers to separate the garden from the highway. A new, carved stone monument has been created with a bronze plaque giving names and details of those who fell during the Great War. A series of raised planters with sensory planting forms a boundary between the garden and the adjacent property. A new noticeboard replaces the existing one.


We are really looking forward to working with Barnton Parish Council to redevelop the community garden there. As part of this, we will also aim to replace the current memorial and will be seeking opinions from the residents of the village. We can only do this with your input – so if you live or work in Barnton please provide comment below – what would you like to see in Barntons community garden? Watch this space as we will be carrying out a more extensive consultation that we will be encouraging you to share. We look forward to hearing from you.