The Tesco bulbs project is now complete and we’d like to say a huge ‘thank you’ to all of the schools and partners that have helped make this such a success. In total, 10,000 bulbs and plants were planted across 14 areas with the help of 420 children and 42 adults. Everyone had a brilliant time and, together, they will make a long lasting difference to their communities by brightening up and improving their school routes, school grounds and local areas where they play – something they can be very proud of!


Another busy day bulb planting with 57 fantastic children from Heaton Park School. They’re looking forward to the entrance to their school being transformed with splashes of colour in just a few months’ time. The children all left with a small bag of bulbs, and they’re keen to show their friends and families just how easy it is to get planting at home too!


What a beautiful day for bulb planting! It was our pleasure to work with the children from St. Michaels R.C. Primary School in Whitefield today. They raced through the bulb planting and have worked hard to brighten up both the pathway leading to the school and the entrance to the school with hundreds of new Spring flowers.


It’s been another busy bulb planting day! The wonderful children from Chesham Primary School in Bury planted 800 bulbs in Clarence Park and we’re all excited to see what a difference they make to the local area. We’re expecting a blanket of blue and pink blooms to brighten up the journey to school next year.


The rain wasn’t enough to put off the fantastic Woodbank Primary School bulb planters today. Children from classes 2 to 6 worked really hard to brighten up their Spring 2018 walk to school. Thanks to all of the teachers who came along too – a brilliant school team effort!


The weather may have been a bit wet and gloomy this week – but it didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of the year 5 pupils from Tottington Primary School who worked with us to plant nearly 800 bulbs yesterday. The mud didn’t put them off at all and we can’t wait to see what colours pop up in the Spring to brighten up their walk to school!




Another great planting day with 35 children from St. Paul’s Church of England Primary School. The brilliant year 5 group planted 800 bulbs in Hoyles Park, Bury and they’ll all be busy planting at home this week too. Thanks to everyone involved – we can’t wait to see the park in Springtime!



Our latest bulb planting project got off to a fantastic start this week when we visited All Saints’ C.E. Primary School in Whitefield. The project, funded by Groundwork UK and the Tesco Carrier Bag Fund, is designed to teach children more about planting and it’s benefits to wildlife and the wider environment. The 30 children worked really hard to plant the 750 bulbs and they took great pride in working together to improve their surroundings. It was a fun packed afternoon and the class also took away some bulbs so they can plant their own pot or garden and look forward to the spring blooms popping up both at home and at school next year!