There’s still time to complete the Burrs Improvement Survey 

We’d like to get as much feedback about the masterplan as possible, so please do share your ideas. The survey is very short and only takes a couple of minutes to complete, but we’d really welcome your thoughts.

Thanks to everyone who has already done this!


Great to see news of the Burrs Masterplan appear in The Bury Times and don’t forget – there’s still time to click on this link and complete the survey Burrs Improvement Survey 


Just a reminder that the Burrs Improvement Survey is now live and we’re eager to know what you think about the new Burrs Country Park Masterplan. There are images on the page here, and up around the park too – so please do take a look when you’re visiting. You can scan the QR codes in the park to complete the survey, or click here to answer the very quick questions. Thank you to everyone who has already responded!


Burrs Improvement Survey 

As many of you are aware, the Friends of Burrs group, Bury Council and the team at Proffitts – Investing in Communities have been working with park users and local residents on plans to improve the much loved Burrs Country Park in Bury.

The park is increasingly popular with local people and, over the last couple of years, more and more visitors are enjoying quiet walks, fresh air, local events, getting closer to nature and being outdoors in Burrs.

The Friends of Burrs team have already made some significant improvements including upgrading the footpaths, improving the canoe pool and undertaking tree works – but there is still more work they would like to do. After consulting with park users and residents throughout 2020/21 the masterplan below has been developed for the continuing works. However, before the plan is finalised, the group would like as many park users as possible to complete a very quick survey so they can find out what you think of the plans, and if there is anything else that you think should be included.

You can complete the survey by clicking here: Burrs Improvements Survey or look out for the QR codes around the park which you can scan. Thank you for taking the time to answer these very quick questions and share your ideas.


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As last Sunday was a wash out, the Friends of Burrs group had to postpone their balsam pulling event in light of the bad weather.

However it has been rescheduled for next Sunday, 11th July, again between 2 and 4pm. Keep your fingers crossed for better weather. The group are meeting at the Wheel Car Park at 2pm. Please wear suitable clothing including gloves as you may be working among nettles.

Also, for those of you that couldn’t attend, here’s a short article about the success of Bury Agricultural Show


The next event booked in on the Showground is an Inflatable Fun event for children on the weekend of 17th & 18th July. You can find out more about that on this link :


Looks great!


There’s another Big Balsam Bash happening at Burrs on 4th July, 2-4pm. If you’d like to volunteer and help out – please contact The Friends of Burrs group directly or turn up with your long trousers, long sleeves and sturdy shoes!


Here’s the latest newsletter from the Friends of Burrs Group. Contact details for the group can be found on the newsletter if you would like to find out more:

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If you’re interested in Burrs, then pick up a copy of a recently published book written by one of the Friends of Burrs members. It contains over 240 photographs, several specially written poems on the theme of the seasons, the weather and other happenings in the Park and a brief history. Graham Howarth’s ‘The Burrs Country Park, Bury’ is available to buy at The Lamppost Café and Graham makes a donation to Friends of Burrs for each copy sold.


The Friends of Burrs group are eager to get your thoughts about a new project they’re considering – they’re thinking of introducing some nature trails to the park. The trails will be similar to the ones at Risley Moss Nature Reserve, Birchwood near Warrington.

If you’ve been, or you’re looking for somewhere to visit with the family – pop over and then let Laura and the Friends of team know what you think!


The group has some funding to kickstart the project and they’re looking for are volunteers to join a team to get the whole thing up and running. If you have any experience of setting up a project like this, they would welcome your help so please do get in touch with them on friendsofburrscountrypark@gmail.com


There has been lots of good stuff happening at Burrs recently. The Grand Spring Clean along the river was a great success and the volunteers all did wonderful job at removing rubbish from in the river and along the banks. The Burrs Gardening Group’s Plant Stall was also fantastic and looked especially good with the Welcome Spring Community Art Project as a backdrop.

The Friends of Burrs group do a brilliant job – let’s hope we get lots of sunshine over the next few months so we can all get down there and enjoy the park as much as possible.


The Friends of Burrs Gardening Group are having a Plant Stall on Sunday 2nd May from 10.30am until 2.30pm between the chimney and the Lamppost café by the Community Art Project. Please go along and support them. There will be lots of seedlings and succulents, houseplants and perennials, tomatoes and bee-friendly plants for you to buy, and much, much more.
If you can offer them any plants etc to sell on the stall, please either take them along at 10am on the day or email them on friendsofburrscountrypark@gmail.com and they can arrange for you to drop them off earlier or they can come and collect them from you.


The work to keep Burrs looking wonderful for visitors continues – and if you have any time to help, the Friends of Burrs group would love to see you for the Spring Clean next Sunday 18th April. The team will be doing a Grand Clean Up along the river and in the park. They will meet at the Chimney at 10am and you should bring gloves, wellies and a picker (if you have one, but they have spares). Friends from the Keep Bury Clean group will be joining and they have enlisted the help of the canoeists to work from in the water.

I have attached a flyer advertising the event. It would be great to see people help out on 18th. Thanks everyone!



Great news – Bury Council has announced plans to invest £100,000 on improvements to Burrs!

Planning applications are to be submitted shortly for the overflow carpark, public toilets, upgrading the café, accommodation and function space in the cottages and for a glamping site in the former high ropes area. Further investment will be required in the future to realise the park’s full potential, but you can read more about the plans in this press release in the Bury Times:



Take a look at the latest Friends of Burrs newsletter. You’ll find more information about the ‘Welcome Spring’ Community Art project, more about the Burrs Improvement Project and general updates about the park!


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What a difference a couple of weeks can make! After sharing the frosty pictures of the new fishing pegs, it’s great to be able to get in touch with news about Springtime at Burrs. The Friends of Burrs group have just launched a ‘Welcome Spring’ Community Art Project that we can all get involved in. They’re inviting everyone, adults and children, to contribute something that represents Spring to you – using natural or environmentally friendly materials if possible. The artwork will then be displayed. Hopefully over the next few weeks it will become covered with bright and cheerful representations of Spring.

If you want the group to laminate anything for you to hang onto the display – email them at friendsofburrscountrypark@gmail.com and they can do that for you. There is also a word challenge for you to do, so ask about that too!


The new fishing pegs are now completed! If you would like to find out more about fishing at Burrs Country Park, then contact Ramsbottom Anglers Association for details.


Latest newsletter from the Friends of Burrs group – there’s a lot happening! Just a reminder that you still have time to complete the Burrs Improvement Survey too. It’s open until 14th Feb.

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Burrs Country Park is increasingly popular with local people.  More than ever, people are enjoying quiet walks, fresh air, getting closer to nature and being outdoors as much as they can. Over the last couple of years, the Friends of Burrs team have made some significant improvements including upgrading the footpaths, improving the canoe pool and undertaking tree works. The group would like to continue their work in 2021, and they would like  to find out what your priorities for the park are. If you could let us have your top 3 improvement suggestions we’ll share them with the group and finalise our plan for the coming months.
Close date for the survey is Sunday 14th February so please complete and submit before then. You’ll find the survey by clicking on the link here: Burrs Improvement Survey.
Thank you for taking the time to share your ideas.



It’s an exciting time at Burrs with lots of improvements taking place, and more changes planned, to make this an even better place to visit and explore. The upgrade of 840m2 of footpaths has recently been completed from the canoe training pool up alongside the canal to the Weir and back round to the showground. This has improved accessibility greatly for visitors who felt unsafe walking along the uneven and slippery surface, families with pushchairs, and users of mobility scooters who can all now navigate the pathways safely. The work has also included  130m of new fencing installed along path edges and cutting back some of the vegetation so visibility along the pathways is much better too.

As some of you may have seen, the canoe training pool and part of the canal have been dredged to make them safer for the canoeists/paddlers and new steps have been installed so paddlers can access the training pool more safely. The improvements will also allow for canoeists to exit from the canoe training pool and enter into the canal feeder more easily – this route can then take them along the weir to canoe and help develop their skills further.


Although the weather has been pretty awful lately, it was important that the work was carried out in the autumn / winter months to minimise disruption to the wildlife.

The new fishing pegs should be in after Christmas so we’ll update you again once they have been completed.


Our outdoor spaces are more important than ever – don’t forget that you have wonderful places like Burrs Country Park to visit. Here’s the latest newsletter from the Friends of Burrs group giving you details about park improvements and planned changes. The next AGM will take place via zoom on Tuesday 8th Dec at 7pm.

FOB Newsletter November 2020



The footpath improvement works taking place at Burrs have now been completed. This was a high priority project for the team and the group are really hoping that visitors will see far less puddling along the canal footpath, and access along the route will be much improved. Selective trees have been removed and crown lifted too in order to open up views and to make the canal safer for paddlers.

The next stage is to improve the access to the canoe training pool – watch this space for updates.


As many of you will know, the Friends of Burrs group is a collection of local residents and park users who are passionate about Burrs Country Park. The Friends group was set up to take over the Community Management of the park, as funding from Bury Council is gradually phased out. They received a grant from the National Lottery Heritage Fund to employ a Business Mentor to help them move towards a social enterprise to run the park. The group are all volunteers and they now need your help as they move forward into the future. Please would you complete this survey? The results will help them plan how Burrs can develop in the coming years. Many thanks.



Happy New Year everyone – we hope you had a wonderful Christmas. This seems like a good time to give you an update about the Burrs improvements. Friends of Burrs have been working in partnership with Proffitts and Bury Council to try and attract funding to make good the, currently, very muddy paths on the site. With funding secured from Tesco and the Social Capital Fund we will be implementing the path improvements in the areas of highest need first. Part of the work planned also includes replacing some of the fishing pegs which have deteriorated. Once this is done we will be working with the local angling group to advertise the new pegs and attract more people to the sport in Burrs . Other elements of work include the plans to improve access in and out of the canoe training pool to encourage the access link / loop to the canal , which then takes the canoeist up toward the weir in the River Irwell. These are small improvements but improvements that are a high priority for users of Burrs and they’ll have a big impact. All of these works will take place before April 2020 so watch out for them.

You may remember we applied for some funding from Heritage Lottery Fund. This was requested to help the newly formed Friends of Burrs group start to understand the depth of work required in running Burrs Countryside Park, to help the group produce a Business Plan for the whole site and to look at the assets and the opportunities within the site. Good progress is being made with the document and we hope to have some updates by April 2020.

There are always lots of things going on in and around Burrs. If you would like to get more involved at any point don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Friends of Burrs group. The next public meeting is taking place at the function room above the fantastic Lampost Café in Burrs next week on 21.01.20 at 7pm.

Here are some pictures from our latest walk around the park


Following on from being named as one of the best parks in the UK, the “Much Loved Park” certificate presentation ceremony with the Mayor and his wife, the Friends of Burrs and the Bury Volunteer Ranger Service was featured in the Bury Times last week. Here’s the link to it. You will notice that there are 6 great photos in the rolling banner at the top of the page:
The certificate has been framed and we are hoping to hang it in The Lamppost Café. Congratulations to everyone involved!



Great news! We were delighted to hear that The Friends of Burrs group were successful at The Pitch event.

The Friends of Burrs Chairman, Hilary Marshall, gave an excellent “pitch” for a grant to get new and updated signage for the Sculpture Trail and the historical architectural remains around the park, as well as promotional signs. You can watch Hilary in action on the Friends of Burrs Facebook page below:

https://www.facebook.com/brentjames.pinder/videos/pcb.5021670772464 90/391840001741856/?type=3&theater&ifg=1

The group were awarded the full £1500 that they applied for. Well done Hilary, and all involved!


Just a reminder that the online voting for The Pitch Fund is now closed but you can still attend the actual event tomorrow at All Saints Church, Hebburn Dr which starts at 11am (entry not before 10.30am).

There is a precis of the Pitch online under Bury West Pitch Online Information and the Friends of Burrs Pitch is for promoting Burrs Country Park and replacing the worn out Signage around the park. They also need to add new Signage to Historic and Sculpture Trail items that currently lack details.


Thank you for your support.


We are delighted to announce that the Friends of Burrs fund raising calendar is now available! If you would like to have one (or more), the group are asking for a donation of £6 – details below:

Many thanks



The Friends of Burrs group have applied for a grant from The Pitch Fund. This year they are able to have votes that are cast online, prior to the event, as well as at the actual event on the 14th September at All Saints Church, Hebburn Dr which starts at 11am (entry not before 10.30am).

If you are unable to attend, but would like to vote, you can do so by using the following link  –


There is a precis of the Pitch online under Bury West Pitch Online Information and the Friends of Burrs Pitch is for promoting Burrs Country Park and replacing the worn out Signage around the park. They also need to add new Signage to Historic and Sculpture Trail items that currently lack details.

PLEASE NOTE – You must vote for 5 projects, otherwise your vote will not count and voting closes on the 12th September.

Thank you for your support.


Thank you to everyone who has sent in photos for the Burrs fundraising calendar so far – there has been a great response. However, the group are still missing a couple of shots. They need something for early spring (maybe early crocus/daffodils/snowdrops but without snow or leaves on trees) and something for mid summer (colourful, blue sky? trees in full leaf). They need to be recognisably taken at Burrs, preferably without people. They are short of photos showing historic features (chimney, old pump or mill remains), the Mousetrap and colourful Burrs Stones.

The group are extending the deadline to make sure they get the most attractive and appealing range of images, so please look back at your photos and see if you have anything that will fit the bill. Please email your photos to friendsofburrscountrypark@gmail.com in landscape format.

Many thanks


We are pleased to announce this opportunity to involve an architect at Burrs Country Park for an options appraisal for the old activity centre building. The work will guide the Friends of Burrs group and partners on how best to utilise the building and lead to further investment and involvement in the park. Full details attached – please do send on to anyone you think may be interested.

Architects consultants Brief 09.08 (1)


The Friends of Burrs group will be creating a calendar and they’re looking for photos that reflect the changing seasons in the park. If you have a picture that you think should be considered then please email them to friendsofburrscountrypark@gmail.com by Sun 11th Aug.

We can’t wait to see the final images and pick up a copy of the calendar later this year!


It’s Balsam Bash time again…if you can spare a couple of hours on Sunday 28th July do pop along and help out. All details on flyer below.


The next Friends of Burrs meeting will be on Wednesday 17th July at 7.00pm at The Lamppost Café. Everybody is very welcome to come along and hear the latest news about Burrs.


URGENT ANNOUNCEMENT : Sorry everyone, but we’ve been informed that the ‘HAVE A FIELD DAY’ event that was scheduled for 6th July had now been CANCELLED.

No photo description available.


A quick reminder that the Tesco Bags of Help Scheme votes for this round will be open until Sunday 30th June. If you’re in the Tesco store in Ramsbottom don’t forget to use your blue counters to vote for the Friends of Burrs Country Park, or any of the 3 fantastic projects when you shop.


Just a quick reminder that the Balsam Bash is happening on Sunday 23rd June, 2-4pm. All details on the poster below:


Advanced warning that The Friends of Burrs are having a Balsam Bash on Sun 23rd June 2-4pm, meeting at the Stocks St car park. All details on poster attached.

Also a reminder that the Burrs Garden Club are hoping to hold a Plant Sale this Sat 15th June from 10.30am outside the Lamppost Café. Please support them by either coming to buy some plants or by bringing some plants for them to sell. Or maybe both!

Your support is much appreciated.


The Friends of Burrs Garden Club are organising a fund raising Plant Sale on Sat 15th June outside the Lamppost Café from 10.30am onwards. Please come along and support them by either buying some plants or bringing along some plants to sell.


Please find attached the brief for the Burrs Country Park Business Mentors. If you, or anyone you know, would be interested then the Friends of Burrs group would love to hear from you. The closing date is 24th June, 2019.

Burrs Country Park Business Mentors Brief 05.06


Friends of Burrs are looking for someone to organise the ‘Have a Field Day’ event will take place on the Showground at Burrs Country Park on Saturday 6th July. There are already lots of resources and support for it from the Fields in Trust group and the Friends of Burrs (who have done much of the spade work like registering for the event, booking the Showground and organising insurance etc) but they need someone to run it on the day. Could that someone be you? Do you know someone who would love to take the lead on this?  If you think you could help – please have a look at the Fields in Trust website http://www.fieldsintrust.org/have-a-field-day for more information


Just another quick reminder that you have until Sunday 30th June to vote for Friends of Burrs to receive some funding from the brilliant Tesco Bags of Help Grant Scheme. Pop your coins in the box at the Tesco store, Ramsbottom. Thanks to everyone who supports this project, and all of the other good causes advertised in store.


The Friends of Burrs group have now launched their new fantastic website along with a Google Business page. Take a look at the links for more details!


The next Friends of Burrs meeting will take place on 23rd May, 7pm at The Lampost Cafe in Burrs. All welcome to come along and share any comments, thoughts, ideas or questions with the group. We look forward to seeing you there.


Just a reminder that you have until Sunday 30th June to vote for Friends of Burrs to receive some funding from the brilliant Tesco Bags of Help Grant Scheme. Pop your coins in the box at the Tesco store, Ramsbottom. Thanks to everyone who supports this project, and all of the other good causes advertised in store.


The press release about Tesco Bags of Help has been published in The Bury Times on-line edition. This is the link to it:


Don’t forget to vote for any of the good causes each time you shop!


We are delighted to announce that the Friends of Burrs application to the Tesco Bags of Help Grant Scheme has been successful and Burrs Country Park will be put forward to a customer vote in the Ramsbottom Tesco store during May and June 2019.

This project, along with the other two successful projects, will go forward to a vote in the store where Tesco customers will decide the outcome by voting for their favourite project each time they shop. Voting will take place from Wednesday 1st May 2019 to Sunday 30th June 2019 and we will find out at the end of July 2019 the amount of funding we will receive. The project with the highest number of votes could receive £4,000, the second placed project £2,000 and the third placed project £1,000.

To vote, you will need to make a purchase within the Ramsbottom store (Irwell St, BL0 9AS. See the attached map) of any value. You will receive one token per transaction and it’s not necessary to purchase a carrier bag in order to receive a token. You then put the token in the Tesco Bags of Help unit, usually located near the door.

Thank you, Tesco!


Just a reminder about the new group created by Friends of Burrs called the Burrs Gardening group who do general gardening and maintenance and we are looking to recruit more volunteers to help with these activites – could you help out? The aim is to help maintain and improve areas of our park. The group will be working on tasks such as tidying beds, replanting, pruning, cutting back overgrown footpaths, controlling weeds, sensory beds and incredible edible beds (coming soon). It will meet on Tuesday afternoons and have will task days throughout the year. There may also have some evening sessions. If you are interested in joining the Burrs Gardening group please email – burrsgardengroup@yahoo.com to find out more information.


Friends of Burrs is looking for an Events Coordinator to work alongside volunteers organising activities for adults and children within Burrs. Outdoor activities could include photography or sketching, den building or pond dipping, as well as litter picking and balsam bashing. Indoor activities could include craft and fund raising. They welcome all ideas. This would be a voluntary position and the time input would be up to the individual. If this is something that appeals to you or someone you know, maybe someone with experience in Events Management who wants to put something back into the community, please email friendsofburrscountrypark@gmail.com for more information. Training is available


If you’re a budding gardener and you would like to get involved in the new Burrs Gardening Club then please email and let the group know burrsgardengroup@yahoo.com. They will meet on Tuesday afternoons.


Friends of Burrs invite you to join the Great British Spring Clean – Sunday 14th April at 2pm. Further details below:


The Friends of Burrs are organising a Litter Pick to smarten up our Burrs Country Park for the Spring and would like to invite you all to take part. The group will meet up at the Wheel Sculpture car park at 2.00pm on Sunday 10th March and then split up into groups to tackle different areas. They will finish at 3.30pm at the Council barn on Stocks Street.

Anyone volunteering to take part should wear suitable clothing and footwear – gardening gloves would be a good too. If you have a picker, please bring it with you but they do have spares you can borrow. They will supply the rubbish bags.

Poster for the event below. Please do take part as the more the merrier. 🙂


We are delighted to announce that the Friends of Burrs were awarded £1000 for the Gardening Project at The Pitch event and we look forward to seeing what happens when they get the project up and running!

Other winners included Borough of Bury Veterans Association, Bury2gether, Elton Cricket Club, St Stephen’s Community Drama, People’s Voice Brandleholme Community Group, Bolton Road Methodist Church Fun Day, Fusilier Court Garden Committee, Ellton All Saints Operatic Society, Fusilier Court Residents Association and Fusilier Court Social Activies Committee.


The Friends of Burrs Country Park group is applying for a grant to kick-start a brilliant community garden project. If you’d like to support the group in their bid to get funding, then please go along to The Pitch event taking place on 2nd March! Details below:


Please see details of The Pitch – Bury West Community Funding Event below. Do go along and find out about the fantastic work that volunteer groups are doing in Bury West and then vote for your favourite.


Just a little reminder of some of the activities that take place at Burrs Country Park in Bury. If you like the water, take a look at http://www.burycanoekayakclub.co.uk/  based at Burrs. You can get in touch with them anytime and in the Summer months they meet from 4.30pm onwards on a Sunday evening on the training pond or the River Irwell. The training pond is due some improvements soon too, so we’ll keep you updated on how that goes.


A big well done to East Lancashire Railway –  a really impressive 10 years and a model in how to run

and self-manage with a core of dedicated volunteers. Check out Page 9 with a specific reference to

Burrs. Here’s to another 10!


Image result for ELR BURRS IMAGE


Hi all,

Some really significant progress has been made by Friends of Burrs Country Park last week. They are now a fully constituted group! This means that they are able to apply for funding to help tackle some of the priorities the users of Burrs have identified as issues. Priorities such as improving footpaths and making the most of the heritage there. Well done to everyone who signed up to a role. The group really has come a long way from 4 members to over 40 at the last meeting. Let’s keep the momentum going!


If anyone wants to help the Friend of Burrs with the Burrs Balsam Bash – please see details below. The group are hoping to stop the spread of Himalayan Balsam, a non-native species that is threatening the Country Park. There will be 2 Sessions:

1st Session  

Date And Time –  Sunday 8th July  2pm – 4pm

Meeting Place  –  The Stock Street Car Park, by the Wheel Sculpture, Burrs Country Park

2nd Session

Date and Time  –  Tuesday 10th July  10am – 2pm

Meeting Place   –  Chimney Car Park, Burrs Country Park

The 2nd session will be led by the Bury Voluntary Rangers.

Please wear long trousers, long sleeved tops and sturdy shoes as you may be working amongst nettles.  Gloves are available, or you may wish to bring your own.


A lovely walk in Burrs, followed by tea and gorgeous chocolate cake at The Lamppost Cafe. Such a brilliant addition to Burrs, do pop in if you get the chance. You can sit in the sun, or get some shade inside. Dogs are welcome too – with plenty of cold water bowls available to cool pups down on a hot day. Looking forward to going back and trying more of the menu – not just the cakes!



Look out for the new ‘Friends of Burrs’ Logo!


Please find attached the minutes from the last ‘Friends of Burrs’ meeting:

Minutes of the Friends of Burrs meeting held on Thursday 15th of March V.._


Hey there – just pointing out the TripAdvisor page for Burrs Country Park. Check it out, give it a visit. Literally, give it a visit maybe using the East Lancashire Railway station between Rawtenstall and Bury – there’s a great day out to be had there. 🙂

TripAdvisor Burrs Country Park


Congratulations to all the volunteers taking part in the huge litter-pick at Burrs Country Park. Their hard work has given the park a wonderful spring clean, and it’s also got them a well deserved mention in the Bury Times!



Friends of Burrs Country and Brandlesholme Residents Association are holding a litter pick on Burrs tomorrow – Sunday 15th April. All volunteers are welcome. Please meet at the car park by the wheel sculpture at 2pm. Please click here for more details.

Litter Pick 15 April 2018


Hi there as discussed at the last meeting group members have took it on themselves to create a Facebook page called Friends of Burrs Country Park – please see further info below. Thumbs up!

Hello 😊

As someone who has shown an interest in Burrs Country Park, I thought you would like to know that I have set up a Facebook page called Friends of Burrs Country Park to get people who are interested in the future of Burrs together. We are a group of local residents and park users who want to help improve Burrs. Please join us and help to make Burrs a beautiful space and an attractive place for people to visit.

Please visit the page and join us.



Hi all – hows it going? Just keeping you up to date on progress with the Heritage Lottery Resilient Fund. The bid is now submitted! We did this just before the meeting on the 15.03.18. Cross everything you have and watch this space for an update in around 10 weeks.


Following the Expression Of Interest we submitted earlier this month we visited Heritage Lottery Fund offices to discuss ideas for Burrs Countryside Park further. The meeting with Louise and Sophie was really quite positive and we have come away with a better idea of how we should shape the final submission. Of course we will be meeting you all again over the next month or two to share in more detail but please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any uestions in the meantime. Thanks.


We are delighted to announce that we are working in partnership with Bury Metropolitan Borough Council and East Lancashire Railway in the development and improvement of Burrs Country Park. Using the Burrs Country Park Strategy 2015 – 2029 as a foundation we are starting to identify priorities and sources of funding which will lead to the improvements within this document. As the programme of work develops and leads to physical improvements on the ground we will be looking for a steer from local residents and users of Burrs Country Park. If you would be interested in getting involved in any aspect or would simply like to know what’s going on in terms of progress, physical improvements community involvement opportunities please book mark this page and or contact us through this page at any time. Looking forward to hearing from you 🙂

Here is a link to the strategy if you would like to find out more.


Great insight to the Irwell Sculpture trail – some very impressive pieces!