Proffitts are delighted to be working with Bury Borough Council and the church group of the church of St. Mary the Virgin in Bury.

Access ways to the site have deteriorated over time and need to be improved so that all visitors can access the church safely and to allow disabled visitors to reach the church. The group offer activities and facilities for all section of the community, not just church goers, with regular concerts, coffee mornings, choir groups and a cafe. The approach that cars use at the moment is damaging historical gravestones which have been part of the grounds for hundreds of years. As part of the project we hope to improve safety and access, but, crucially, we want to protect the heritage and conserve the names and stones in danger of being damaged beyond repair. If possible, the team would also like to provide a seating area and planting within the gardens of the church so that the community cafe and groups can have an additional, outside space to use for social gatherings and events.