Just a reminder that there’s still time to let us have your thoughts and ideas for Great Harwood Memorial park. Click on the images below to enlarge the sketch design and take a look or click here to complete the survey. Thank you for your feedback!


23.11.2020 – For survey click here

As you know, Proffitts – Investing in Communities are working with Friends of Memorial Park and Hyndburn Borough Council to try and attract investment in to the memorial park. We’ve already had some conversations with local residents and have attached a sketch design with some ideas for improvements (click on the image to enlarge). Suggestions include:-
  • Improve and repair the war memorial
  • Improve the garden area surrounding the war memorial including repairs to boundary walls and features and better sensory planting
  • Woodland Management
  • Upgrading paths to improve accessibility
  • Upgrading / improving site boundaries
  • Installing interpretation boards with local history details displayed


(Click to enlarge image)

As part of the physical improvement project, the group would also explore the history of the park through activities with local residents who can share their memories of the gardens and memorial, and children who can find out more about local history and heritage.

Once the site improvements have been made, the aim is to increase footfall in the park by offering an events and activity programme for the wider community on an ongoing basis.

However, before we move forward with this, we’d like to give you the opportunity to share your thoughts and feedback about the plans with us. You can do this by clicking on the link here: Great Harwood Memorial Park Survey

The survey is very short and should only take a couple of minutes to complete. Thank you for your time.


We are pleased to announce we have been given permission to work with Friends of Memorial Park and Hyndburn Borough Council to try and attract investment into the memorial park. The work will focus on improving accessibility and the history of the memorial park and of the war memorial within the park as well as memories of local people of Great Harwood. The aim of the project is also to work with the Friends Group, Hyndburn Borough Council and the community to raise funds to improve the park. Specifically:

  • The garden area surrounding the war memorial. This might include an awareness raising project with local children and/or war histories of local families, repairs to boundary walls and features; repairs to the memorial itself and better sensory planting (low maintenance)
  • Increase colour in the park through low maintenance planting such as bulbs, wildflowers and shrubs; not flower beds
  • Woodland management and upgrading paths – improving accessibility
  • Upgrade/improve site boundaries
  • Assess possibility of bringing stone outbuilding into use as learning resource for kids and community
  • Increase footfall in the park with events and activity programme
  • Create opportunities to engage with local senior citizens centre and Townfield House
  • Interpret history of the park through activities, permanent displays and online material