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John Holt Youth & Community Centre Redevelopment, Bolton

John Holt Youth & Community Centre Redevelopment, Bolton


Just a quick update for you – we are very excited to let you know that £1000 has been secured for this project – a huge thank you to everyone who took the time to vote – it worked!!!! We’ll keep you posted on the next stage 🙂



This is what the #TescoBagsofHelp voting box looks like……..have you seen it in store? Don’t forget to ask for a token when you’ve done your shop – every vote counts!! Thank you!

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We have an opportunity to win a share of funding from Tesco Bags of Help.

The project is called: Washacre Grot Spots Lots – no more!!

We want to improve our area in any way possible. We have identified areas around our estate which look awful and untidy and attract all kinds of rubbish. These areas have been identified as a high priority by local people to tackle and make better by simply holding community clean up days in and around the estate, hiring skips and getting rid of the unwanted junk. Once clear we would then work with the local primary school children to plant spring bulbs and colourful plants around the areas to make the estate more attractive and involve our next generation in doing so – instilling pride and respect into where they live. There is also a large gassed central area to the estate that we recently had asset transferred to our group from the local authority. We have the responsibility of mowing the area. We want to do 3 things on this area with the grant:

1. Purchase a decent mower so we can maintain.
2. Purchase a lot of bulbs in order to delay the first cut required (reduce maintenance costs in the long term – all the while making the area look nice.
3. Hold a family fun day on the site.

We hope to engage with the primary school age children in the hope we can develop a relationship with them as they grow older and get involved in our community.

And this is where we need your help! In order to win a share of funding from Tesco Bags of help, you need to vote for this project! So, the next time you’re doing your shop (at Adlington Express, Horwich or Westhoughton Express) then make sure you get a blue token! Take it to the large, glass voting box (usually by the entrance) and vote for Washacre Grot Spots Lots – no more! (Westhoughton Active Volunteers Entreprise, otherwise known as WAVE). It’s that simple! Just make sure you get your token and vote. You get a token with every single transaction and can vote as many times as you like, up until June! Please do your bit – we can help make a difference. Thank you!!



We have now delivered two ‘Project Management’ training sessions to WAVE John Holt – both sessions went really well and happy faces all round!

Whilst this project is in the very early stages, Proffitts and several partners including Bolton at Home, are aiming to either redevelop or refurbish an existing youth and community centre for the benefit of the local community. Located on Birch Avenue, Westhoughton, Bolton we are hoping to:

– provide social and recreational facilities that are not currently available in the catchment area
– involve and include over 500 users in the project development
– provide lifelong learning facilities that raise aspirations and achievements
– review the need for adequate play and informal sports provisions
– provide a dedicated space for counselling and therapeutic support
– promote partnership working between the public, private, voluntary and faith sectors
The fully functioning community hub will be run by a mix of volunteers and paid staff to host a range of services, activities and facilities. The centre will also be promoted to other neighbourhoods and all visitors and community groups will be encouraged to use the facilities regularly.
Our first steps in the project involves gathering more evidence, requesting support and consulting. We will keep you posted of all developments!

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