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Malton Avenue, Bolton

Malton Avenue, Bolton


This project is now complete – thank you to everyone for the support!

Since 2011, we have secured £188,073 worth of funding for Bolton – this is an average of £47,018.25 per year since we started working in the area! Click on the link below to find out more

Local Authority Area case study – Bolton



Project complete! This project was a real community effort. Fantastic involvement of people and agencies working together. The outcome is outstanding! Well done to the residents of Malton Avenue, Bolton at Home staff and BATRA.


BATRA were informed that they were succesful at stage 1. They have now been invited to submit a stage 2 application, which they hope to submit before Christmas 2010.

Working closley with the local community and partners such as BATRA, Bolton At HomeCountry Landscapes Ltd and Cool Canvas we are working towards bringing a derelict and negected piece of land, central to a small estate, back into full use for the community.

The improvements are based on a thorough consultation excercise which was managed by Bolton At Home on behalf of local residents. Residents were invited to attend a number of events to determine who and what should develop on the site.

The project will be delivered in two phases. Phase 1 will regrade the site, tackle the Japanese Knotweed problem and place a number of interesting  features such as a climbing tree and boulder stacks with a little fencing. Stage 2 will aim to put in place further features such as stepping stones, artwork and planting of trees and plants with the local community being very much involved in this element.

Proffitts role is to help with finding the funds for stage 2 (estimated at £48,000) and providing landscape services during the delivery.

 Phase 1 and 2 we hope to complete by Spring 2011. Feel free to view the plan and pass comment by clicking on the icons below.

Malton Ave 2014 rev a

Malton Avenue plan

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