We’ve had some fantastic play area designs from the children at Summerseat Methodist School. Suggestions for the space have been passed to the play space designer and she will come up with a plan and share it with everyone soon. Thank you to all of the children who shared their ideas – here’s a few for you to take a look at:



We had a really positive meeting with the head teacher at Summerseat Methodist School this morning. We talked about raising the profile of the play area in Summerseat and also about involving the school children in the design process. The children will be helping us design the space by answering a few questions about play in Summerseat and even drawing their ideal play space – we can’t wait to see what they come up with!

As well as the feedback from the school children, it would be really helpful to get feedback from as many other adults, families, park users and visitors as we can. There’s a very short survey that you can complete below. It only takes a few minutes, but it would be great if you could click on the link and share your thoughts and suggestions. Thanks in advance – your help makes a huge difference to the project.

Click here: Summerseat Play Area Survey


We are now working with The Summerseat Park Project group on a plan to improve the Summerseat play area. There is already a lot of local interest in the project, and we plan to reach out and consult with the wider community about the play area design over the next few months. We love helping communities make the most of their outside play space and we’re all really looking forward to working on this one.

If you have any questions or suggestion about the project, please comment below and someone will get back to you.