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Trickett’s Memorial Ground, Waterfoot

Trickett’s Memorial Ground, Waterfoot


Thanks to everyone for their support with the project and consultations so far. We’re currently applying to funders to try and secure the funds needed to make the improvements happen. We’ll let you know when we have more news, so do keep checking back here for updates!


Following on from the community consultation, we’ve updated the plans for Tricketts Memorial Ground. The updated plan is below – you can click to enlarge if needed:

Tricketts Sketch e1610116809204

Thanks to everyone who shared ideas and feedback. Next step is to start fundraising to make it all happen. Feel free to leave a comment below at any time. We’ll update you again when we have more news.


Wow – its been a while! Just starting to pick things up now albeit a little slow but we’ll all get there fingers crossed! So back in Feb 2020 we started a small consultation with regard to Tricketts Memorial Ground and with the intention on making some further improvements to the wider site complementing the great work Civic Pride Rossendale have already achieved and continues with on a regular basis. This consultation / questionnaire is now available to be completed on line. Please take 2 mins to carry out the survey and please share with interested people and groups. The more people that respond the merrier 🙂

Please click here to complete survey.

Tricketts Sketch Design v1 300x212 1

Thanks very much in advance everyone!


Civic Pride Rossendale are starting a new team at the Mytholme playground to resurrect the gardens which were planted around 12 months ago.  They’re looking for volunteers to roll up their sleeves and help with gardening and litter picking between 10am and 12noon any Wednesday so please get in touch with Roger Grimshaw at Civic Pride if you’d like to help out.


Proffitts are delighted to be working with the Waterfoot Forward group on plans to renovate Trickett’s Memorial Ground in Waterfoot. The garden was given to the people of Rawtenstall borough in 1920 in memory of 44 workers from nearby Gaghills Mill, the footwear factory of Sir H W Trickett Ltd who died as a result of their service in the army and navy during the First World War.

The archway at the entrance gates is now showing signs of age, and the bronze plaques bearing the names of the men are in need of repair. The group would also like to provide an information board and website so that visitors can find out more about the history of the site as well as a small seating area to allow residents a place for quiet contemplation in the gardens.

The garden was in officially opened in 1922 and we aim to have the restoration works needed completed in time for the centenary of the garden’s opening.