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Victoria Play Park Area, Rossendale

Victoria Play Park Area, Rossendale

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Client study Rossendale Borough Council

The project was completed in 2012.


Work is starting on site very shortly (although a little different from the plans below). The area should be complete by Spring 2012


Great news! Friends of Victoria Park Group have secured £50,000 to improve the play facilities within the park. Well done!!



The application to community spaces has been submitted and is currently being assesed. Friends of Victoria Park Group hope to know the outcome of securing funds by mid May. Good Luck!


The stage 2 application to community spaces is hoping to be submitted by the group by mid December. We will keep you posted on the success of this.

Client: Rossendale Borough Council and Friends of Victoria Park
Completion: Ongoing
Value: £100,000
Funding: Rossendale Borough Council

Working directly with the Friends of Victoria Park, local residents, users of the Park and local schools, the aim of the project is to upgrade the play facilities within the park for young people and children. The new facilities will be modern, challenging and fun whilst also being inclusive for users of all abilities.

Proffitts have worked alongside the group to engage and consult with young people and residents through questionnaires and detached work with young people, local schools and residents.

Through this work the community is aware of the project and in support of improvements. They will have input into the design, layout and choice of equipment.
The group have been successful with Stage 1 of funding application to Community Spaces and are now working towards Stage 2. They are hoping to obtain the rest of the funds from other sources to enable implementation of the new play facility.
The group is hoping that the new play area will be completed by the end of August 2011.

Proffitts have been working with Friends of Victoria Park and Rossendale Borough Council on designs for the new play area. Designs have been created with the input of local residents.
Two plans are now displayed in the park noticeboards and below showing the proposed play area in different locations. Please click on the icons below to view and then click on the ‘tell us what you think’ icon to make your choice and comment. Please make sure you make your choice by the end of September.
The decision in the location of the play area will be made through the majority of the local community.


Play area in current location

Play area in new location