We need your help! We want to know what improvements could be made in Wallbank Estate and to the particular area where you live. Here’s where you can help. Please fill in this form by clicking on the link below – it will take just 5 minutes!!!!! We will use the information to help us with an improvement plan for Wallbank based on your feedback.
The information will be used to assist in putting together a simple improvement plan.
If you would like more information, please contact us on: 01204 778 907 or email communities@proffittscic.com


We are pleased to say we’ll be doing a little bit of work in Whitworth again…this time in and around the Wallbank estate. Its been identified by a few folk that the estate could do with a voice to tackle some of the issues on the estate – things like making sure people know what community activities are going on in around Whitworth and encouraging involvement. The work may lead to establishing a fully functioning community group made up of residents mainly from the Wallbank estate, Whitworth, Rossendale or it may help existing groups attract new members. This project has identified potential links to the local neighbourhood plan such as:

·       Youth provision              – Promote intergenerational working – e.g. at St Anselms and Masseycroft

·       Provision of Facilities – community facility for all ages – ensure benefits maximised for the local community e.g. internet Café, facilities in sheltered accommodation / day care centres / library

·       Explore options for computer training by young people at Greenbrook House for residents.

·       Health – Promotion of healthy lifestyles through delivery of activities and provision of information e.g healthy diet and signposting to specialist services