As you know, we’re working alongside Water Village Trust, Water Primary School and Rossendale Borough Council on a project to improve and upgrade Water Recreation Ground for the benefit of the whole community of Water.
The aim is that this pitch area will be surfaced with an all weather surface material allowing it to be used all year round for games, Sports Days and general recreation. As part of the project, we would like to find out what the community think about these suggestions. We would be grateful if you could look at the plan below and answer the questions on this link Water Recreation Ground survey.
The deadline for the completion of the survey is 22nd March, 2019. Thank you for your help!


We are delighted to be kick starting this project working alongside Rossendale Borough Council, Water Village Trust and Water Primary School. The purpose of the project is to increase opportunity for leisure, sport and recreational activities for all members of the local community. The existing site which the school has used previously used for sports days and after school clubs or holiday clubs is no longer usable for children and the general public. The completed project (whatever that may be) would enable further opportunity for children and local residents to improve their physical health and well-being. Through initial consultations, a multipurpose sports pitch / facility could be central to the vision of the steering group. Further consultation is needed so watch this space and your letter box if you live or work in Water. Please leave a comment below in the meantime.