Hi everyone. Sorry we have been a bit quiet recently. Slowly getting back into the swing of things now. We are hoping you will help by completing this survey  This survey will give us an insight into what local people would like to see with the site. Lots have people have mentioned improving the performance stage area so community events can take place and improving the paths alongside carrying out a history project involving local school children. What are your ideas? If you find it easier you can simply leave a comment at the bottom of this web page. All ideas will be fed into an overall design. Please share with anyone who lives in the area or would be interested in commenting.


We are delighted to be supporting Whitehead Gardens Steering Committee in working towards improving of the popular gardens in Tottington, Bury.

Local residents have been pushing for improvements to the community facility with suggestions of bringing the staged area back in to community event use, and other ideas including involving local school children in a research / history project which can be shared in some form. As you may know, Whitehead Gardens contains a memorial to seven people who lost their lives on Christmas Eve, 1944 in an enemy air raid. The garden has a large stone tablet set into the wall on which the names of the dead and the circumstances of the raid are recorded.

The group have started the consultation process and you can give comment by simply leaving a comment below or clicking on the link below. Paper copies are also available – please let us know if you need one.