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Adrenaline Youth Work, Rossendale

Adrenaline Youth Work, Rossendale

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Funding received by Lancashire County Council Youth Service to carry out the work


Wheeled sports is currently a very popular activity amongst young people in general and has become an increasing popular activity within Rossendale particularly due to the creation of outdoor skate park provisions developed by the local council. At the beginning of the year Proffitt’s received funding from PAYP fund to provide a coach trip to an indoor skate park in Stockport. This trip resulted in 25 young people taking part in the trip and 52 young people being contacted through detached sessions during February. The interest in these sports has been further encouraged by the ‘Adrenaline Gateway’ concept based in Rossendale which has resulted in a local quarry being developed as an open access mountain bike resource, although this is not strictly catering for the activities our project is aimed at there is a significant amount of cross over between all ‘adrenaline’ sports.

The project aims to identify and work with a core group of 8 young people who have an interest in wheeled sports (BMX, skateboarding, in-line skating) who are facing difficulties engaging in main stream education. By tapping into their current enthusiasm for their chosen sport we will provide them with accredited training in first aid, risk assessment and a bike leader training award and an understanding of the economic benefits ‘Adrenaline’ sports can bring to their local community. These awards will be complemented by AQA awards based on an individual needs assessment completed with the young person at the beginning of the project. The young people will then take responsibility for the organisation of coach trips to local indoor skate parks for their peers. Giving them project management experience and developing their social skills. This will be achieved through weekly full day group sessions, one to one evaluation sessions and in the latter part of the project the young people working with the project staff out of school hours to distribute and promote the project to their peers.

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