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Broad Oak Woodland, Bury

Broad Oak Woodland, Bury


Thanks to everyone for their patience and support as we move on to the next phase of work for the Broad Oak Woodland project. We’re currently looking for sources of funding so we can make the changes across the site. This process can take some time, but we’ll be back in touch again in a few months to give you another update 🙂


We’re delighted to be working alongside Bury Council and the team at City of Trees on plans to improve the Broad Oak Woodland area in Bury. The project will help us tackle the climate emergency head on, through planting more trees and restoring woodlands for the people and wildlife of Greater Manchester.

The plan below outlines where the new trees will be planted, and also details other potential changes that could be made across the site including removing Japanese Knotweed, making pathway improvements, and clearing scrub and litter. Before the plan is finalised, Bury Council would like to find out what you think of the suggestions and give you the opportunity to share your own ideas too. You can do that by completing this very short survey: Broad Oak Survey

The results of this survey will help determine what improvements are tackled first, and put the others in priority order.

If you would like to see the plan in a larger view, you can do that here: Broad Oak Woodlands Plan

BroadOak Jubilee Woods Masterplan v2

20220301 Jubilee 23 20220301 Jubilee 56

20220301 Jubilee 61 20220301 Jubilee 64