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Edenfield Play & Youth Provision, Rossendale

Edenfield Play & Youth Provision, Rossendale


And a mention in the Lancashire Telegraph too 🙂


A nice article about the track in the latest Rossendale Borough Council News update.

I know there’s already been lots of visitors to the site, let’s hope the rain stays away over the school holidays so we can all get down there even more!


The fences are down, the lines are painted and the track is open and ready to use!

We’d like to thank Edenfield Village Residents Association who’ve driven this project forward, and Rossendale Borough Council and Lancashire Environment Fund who very generously funded the work.

See you at the track!




Looking better every time we visit!

Only 3 weeks until the fences come down, and the site opens to the public 🙂

5  20230224 Edenfield 1 1

20230224 Edenfield 3   aerial 2


Work is almost finished on the new pump track in Edenfield, which is great news :-). However, although the track looks to be completed, we need to keep the fences up, and the track closed, for a few more weeks. This is to allow the surface of the track to cure, for new lines to be added to the track surface and for the turf to settle. We’ll be popping signs up around the site to let everyone know.

Thanks to everyone for their patience…only 3 weeks to wait!

keep out signs


Great work happening at Edenfield…the team from Velosolutions have made great progress, and they’ve been busy hand laying the surface for the new pump track. Can’t wait to see the finished result 🙂

20230221 Edenfield 6


Work on the new cycle track will begin on 13th February! We expect that the contractors from Velosolutions will be on site for 3-4 weeks (weather permitting). As part of the works, a temporary vehicular access track will be created to allow access to the site from Exchange Street, and a small welfare unit will be placed on the grass verge opposite the recreation ground. These areas will be made good again on completion of the project.

The project, driven by Edenfield Village Residents Association, has been funded by Rossendale Borough Council and Lancashire Environment Fund 🙂


It’s just been confirmed that work on the cycle track is going to start in the new year! The cycle track will be suitable for a range of ages and abilities, and it will be a great learning space for everyone. We’re hoping that (if the snow and frost stays away) the track will be finished by the end of Spring 2023. Once work begins on site, we’ll give you regular updates here – so do keep checking back for news 🙂

Edenfield coming soon signs updated JPG


Great news – the group have managed to secure the funding needed to create a small pump track for Edenfield! Pump tracks are accessible to almost anyone and suitable for all ability levels. You can be a confident cyclist working on new skills, or a toddler just starting out on a balance bike – it’s a fun learning space for everyone.

The track will be funded by Lancashire Environment Fund and Rossendale Borough Council, so a big thank you to them for supporting the project 🙂 .

Thank you to everyone locally for their support and help to get the project this far too. We’re hoping that work will start on site in a few months, and we’ll keep you updated on progress here – so do check back with us for updates.


Thank you to everyone who has already taken part in the consultation process for improving the play area and youth facilities in Edenfield. Like many projects, the progress has been slowed by the ongoing Covid pandemic and unfortunately, at this stage, it has not been possible to secure all of the funding needed to complete both parts of the project at the same time. Instead of continuing to try and secure more funds over the next couple of years, it has been suggested that we continue to move forward with a phased approach – with priority being given to providing something for youngsters.
As interest in cycling across the region continues to grow, one idea for the new youth area is to create a pump track close to the play area. The pump track would allow new riders and families the opportunity to practice their cycling skills somewhere safe and local before gaining their confidence and, perhaps, moving off the track and out on to the trails that run throughout the beautiful Rossendale countryside. We’ve included a page of images and ideas below which might help you picture what the site could be like. You can click on the image to enlarge it if you need to.
It would be really helpful if you to complete this brief survey: Edenfield Pump Track Consultation to let us know what you think of the plans, and we’d also like to get your feedback and suggestions about what you would like to see included in the design. The survey only takes a couple of minutes to complete, but it will help make sure that we get the design right for you. Thank you for your time.
Edenfield Pump Track


Hi guys – thanks for your patience. Please see the attached design. This is the design we are working towards for now – based on your (the communities) ideas and how realistic it will be to raise the monies. We have some funding bids in now to the Landfill Communities Funds and the National Lottery Awards for All so everyone, please cross your fingers and hope for the best. We could do with some good news couldn’t we?! 🙂

Edenfield Sketch Design March 2020 e1594712850111

Remember – feel free to leave your comments at the bottom of the page. They are always welcome.


Any residents who would like to fill out a paper questionnaire can find them all round the village. Locations include Drop Off cafe, the community centre, the chemist the chippy and the Coach too. Alternatively, if you’d pefer to do it online, then you can Click here.


The Edenfield Village Fete will be taking place on Saturday, June 8th. It will run from 12.00 – 5.00pm at Edenfield Recreation Ground (Off Exchange Street, Edenfield, Lancashire, BL0 0LA). There will be lots going on – fun, music, food, local charities, local business, bar, circus skills work shop, cream teas, Prosecco, painting competition and much more.

If you go, look out for your chance to fill out paper questionnaires and give us your thoughts about the play area plans! You can also do this online if you Click here.


As you know, Proffitts have been working alongside Edenfield Village Residents Association, local residents on Rossendale Borough Council on new proposals for play in the village. A new plan has now been drawn up which proposes to upgrade facilities for toddlers on the site of the existing play area and create a new junior parkour/free running facility on the lower part of the recreation ground.

We’d really appreciate your feedback on the attached plan. Click here to let us have your thoughts and comments by 12th July. Thank you!

Sketch Design May 2019 low res 1


Following the initial consultation on the sketch design for new play facilities in Edenfield, Proffitts have revised the site proposals. The key changes are that the overall size of the proposed new play area is smaller; draining the entire recreation ground has been considered and access/materials to the play area have been altered in line with feedback. The proposed project is large, so the aim would be to deliver it in phases. Phase 1 would concentrate on play facilities and access onto the site.

Revised plans will be on display around the village and in shops  and schools during October and November and Proffitts would welcome your feedback.  Comments can be made at below or if you have specific queries, please email [email protected]

Edenfield – sketch design


Having gathered all feedback from local residents, we have created a design for a new play area. Please click on the link below to view

Edenfield sketch proposal

Once we have received your feedback on this sketch, we can finalise the design and then use it to try and raise funds for the new facilities.

The deadline for responses is 24 April – please click here to fill out the survey. We would be very grateful for your thoughts on the project – all feedback is crucial. Thanks in advance.


Proffitts have been working with Edenfield residents on sketch proposals for a new play area in Edenfield. In the next few weeks, we will be gathering feedback from local people on the proposals via questionnaires and online surveys.

Please watch this space for more information and to view the initial sketch design

site mtg 05.02.15 (7)  site mtg 05.02.15 (24)