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Greaves Park, Lancaster

Greaves Park, Lancaster

This project is now complete – thank you to everyone for the support!

The site is approximately 6.4ha in total and is made up of the grounds of two large houses – Greaves House and Parkfield House. It is a mixture of open grassed areas with individual trees and small wooded areas. The site slopes from the east to west, offering fantastic views across the city to Morecambe Bay and the Cumbrian Fells. The site is well used throughout the day; by local residents, local school children going to and from school; by the Scouts and by visitors to the Greaves Park pub and restaurant.

The Friends of Greaves Park are an active community group who formed in 2003. They are very active in the park and raised funds to create the children’s play area in 2007. Since then they have been involved in arranging activities within the park and also carrying out maintenance tasks and improvements in the park. They have undertaken these projects with the support of Lancaster City Council and are keen to continue this work throughout the park

The Friends have worked together to produce a detailed vision statement for the park:

“We consider The Greaves Park to be a hidden gem full of green spaces, wonderful trees, and lovely green paths from which to enjoy the park and the views over the city to the Cumbrian Fells. Much of the park cannot be seen from the roads that pass by it, and many people are not aware of the extent of the park or its many aspects. Our vision is to make the public more aware of the park and to encourage people to come in and enjoy it in all its variety.”

They also aim to protect and enhance the many features that make The Greaves Park so special. These include:

  • ♠  The opportunities for children and families to play, and to enjoy the semi-wild parts of the park.
  • ♠  The network of green paths in the park which provide a green and peaceful route through and around the park.
  • ♠  The beautiful trees in the park, and the spring flowering bulbs. They also hope to encourage more flowering plants, both for their beauty and for their benefit to wildlife.
  • ♠  The rich variety of wildlife. Their vision is to protect and encourage the ecological variety in the park by protecting the various wildlife habitats, and the peace and tranquillity of the wilder parts of the park.
  • ♠  The views over the city and Morecambe Bay and the Cumbrian Fells. Their vision is to provide one or more high clearings from which to enjoy the views over the city and the Morecambe Bay area at their best.

    In brief, the aims are:

    • ♠  To make The Greaves Park a lovely tranquil place for people of all ages to visit, to play, to relax, and to enjoy the trees, the green spaces, the flowers, and the wildlife.
    • ♠  To protect and encourage the natural environment.
    • ♠  To preserve and improve the network of paths which provide a green and peaceful route through and around the park.
    • ♠  To build links with the local community and to raise awareness of all that the park can offer
    • ♠  To improve and extend the play area provision

      The group are planning to hold a large consultation in May 2015 on the future direction of the park.


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Click on the links below to view the detailed draft report

DRAFT Greaves Park Strategy Plan May 2015 part 1-2

DRAFT Greaves Park Strategy Plan May 2015 part 2

Click here to view a link to the consultation – please let us know your thoughts by 8 June. Thank you. 

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