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Haslingden Environmental Project Plan

Haslingden Environmental Project Plan


The feedback and plans have been shared with the team so our work here is done. We’re regular visitors to Haslingden, so we look forward to keeping across progress 🙂


Hi everyone – Since April this year Rachael has been meeting with lots of groups and organisations in and around Haslingden. Thanks for your time everyone! From the meetings we have been able to produce a plan which shows the main priorities for environmental improvements in Haslingden. This plan is intended to give us, and the people of Haslingden, some focus and you know what…it has already thanks to Haslingden Civic Pride . Well done Haslingden Civic Pride Volunteers for the recent improvements at The Green Squirrel and Regent Street. It looks absolutely fantastic! Civic Pride are always looking out for volunteers, so if you feel you could spare some time don’t hesitate to get in touch with them using these details: Call 07955 110199 or email [email protected]

Consultation is always ongoing so any thoughts or ideas RE the plan would be welcome so please leave your comments below. Thank you again!

Haslingden Environmental Project Plan v2


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Proffitts are going to be working alongside Rossendale Borough Council and all groups in Haslingden over the coming months to create a an ‘environmental project plan’ for Haslingden. This will be a masterplan which highlights community project ideas such as tackling grot spots, looking at potential sites for new community gardens and other community focussed environmental projects in and around Haslingden.

If you are a member of a group in Haslingden and you have any ideas or suggestions, we’d love to hear from you