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Lancashire County Council Woodland Access Improvements

Lancashire County Council Woodland Access Improvements


Work on all the woodland footpath projects has now been completed!

We met some happy visitors during our last visit, and we hope that everyone else who visits over the coming months is just as pleased with the access improvements. These are really special places to spend time, and we’re thrilled to be part of a project that makes exploring the sites a little easier for everyone 🙂


The weather is awful, but the contractors at Spring Wood are making good progress. Even in the rain and cold, we really enjoyed exploring. The access improvements will make visiting much better for everyone, but the team aren’t quite finished yet – so do look out for people working on site for a little longer. We’ll update you again when work has been completed.

20230411 Spring Wood 18  20230411 Spring Wood 22


Another week, another woodland access improvement project completed! Visitors to Nether Wood, Burnley should see a huge difference next time they pop along to enjoy a walk here.

Next stop, Spring Wood in Whalley!

20230313 Nether Wood PC 21

20230313 Nether Wood PC 14 20230313 Nether Wood PC 10


Improvement works at Barker Brow and Marles Wood are now finished! The access upgrades look great and they make it much easier and safer for visitors to explore the woodlands.

Next stops… Spring Wood and Nether Wood 🙂

20230222 Marles Wood 4 202302222 Marles Wood 3 rotated


Great progress is being made at Barker Brow this week and, once the team finish here, they’ll be heading over to the Marles Wood to improve access for visitors at that site too!

20230116 Barker Brow 4


We’re delighted to be working alongside Lancashire County Council on a project to improve access and pathways across 4 beautiful sites in the region. Upgrades will be made to Barker Brow and Marles Wood (near Ribchester), Spring Wood (Whalley) and Nether Wood (Burnley). After the changes, the woodlands will all be easier to access – so even more visitors will be able to explore and enjoy the spaces safely.

We’re hoping that all works will be completed before Spring 2023 – and we’ll keep you updated on progress here.

Barker Brow

IMG 7719

Marles Wood

IMG 7706

Spring Wood

IMG 7756

Nether Wood

IMG 2243