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Prestwich Clough and St. Mary’s Flower Park, Prestwich

Prestwich Clough and St. Mary’s Flower Park, Prestwich


Great news…Contractors are hoping to be on site to start improvement works at the end of July! This phase of works will focus on improving pathways and access along the main routes between St. Mary’s and the Clough. You’ll also see some woodland management work taking place, some planting work, and more bins installed too. We’ll update you again when works begin 🙂


We’re still working hard to try and secure the funding needed to get the project started. Thanks to everyone for their patience – fundraising can be a long process, and it’s great to have your continued support. We hope to have more news for you all by the end of the year.


Thank you to everyone who responded as part of the public consultation process. We’ve reviewed the feedback, and we now have an updated plan for the park which you can take a look at below.

The next step is to find funders and begin the application process. This is a long term project, and improvement work will take place over the next couple of years, but we’ll keep you updated as we go – so do keep checking back here for more news and information 🙂

Prestwich Clough and St Marys Masterplan Feb 2823.pdf 004


We’re delighted to be working alongside Bury Council on plans to improve the much-loved Prestwich Clough and St. Mary’s Flower Park sites in Prestwich.

The council have already been liaising with park users and local residents, and the masterplan below outlines some of the changes that could be made across the site. However, before the plan is finalised, Bury Council would like to find out what you think of the suggestions and give you the opportunity to share your own ideas too. You can do this by completing this very short survey: Prestwich Clough and St. Mary’s Feedback

The results of this survey will help determine what improvements are tackled first and help us put the others in priority order. Not all the work will take place at once – it will be carried out over several years dependent on successful fundraising.

If you could like to view a large image of the plan, you can do that here: Prestwich Clough and St Marys Masterplan for consultation

Prestwich Clough and St Marys Masterplan for consultation 7sep
St. Mary’s
20220131 St Marys Flower Park 3020220131 St Marys Flower Park 6
Prestwich Clough
20220613 Prestwich Clough 6820220331 Prestwich Clough 58