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Ramsbottom Bulb Planting

Ramsbottom Bulb Planting


Yesterday we completed the Ramsbottom bulb planting project. Our final session took place at Nuttall Park in Ramsbottom where we’ve planted hundreds of daffodil and crocus bulbs around the entrance area to the park. Here’s a picture of Martin with the last bag of bulbs to go in! We can’t wait to visit again in the Spring and see what difference all the hard work has made. A huge thank you to Friends of Nuttall Park and Bury Council for your support and permission. Thanks also to Tesco Bags of Help for their support and funding – you’ve helped make our local area even more colourful and the children are excited to see the flowers next year. Watch this space for updates in March 2019!

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After the two planting events yesterday, we’ve been sent these really lovely pictures from the staff at Peel Brow school. A big thanks again to all of the children who worked with us to plant the bulbs – you were all fabulous!

Pell Brow Collage


After the year 3 children made their way back to school we were joined by the brilliant year 1 children from Peel Brow Primary school. By this time, the weather had turned and it was tricky conditions for even the most robust planting fans, but the children carried on regardless and got the job done. What an amazing effort from such little gardeners! We hope that all of the children get to plant their take away bulbs in slightly less rainy conditions. In total, Peel Brow primary pupils have helped plant a further 1,400 bulbs in Ramsbottom. Well done to everyone involved – we can’t wait to see the result of their hard work in the Spring.

Rammy year 1 MG 6051 e1543335510145 Ramsbottom year 1IMG 6052 2 e1543335839228  Crocus DETA 35


The children from Peel Brow Primary school have worked so hard today. The first session, with children from year 3, was fantastic. They mastered the dibbers in no time, and planted hundreds of bulbs at the play area closest to their school. The group not only planted like professionals, but they were full of questions and chatter and made the session really enjoyable. The staff and children were up to the challenge and a delight to work with – thank you, year 3!

ramsbottom plant year 3IMG 6036 e1543336251586 Ramsbottom year 3IMG 6042 e1543336213344 Ramsbottom year 3IMG 6043 e1543336175944


A fantastic planting event with the brilliant with the children from Wild Bob’s Trail Kids – what a lovely group! They worked really hard to get hundreds of bulbs planted before it went dark, and then had some more outdoor fun activities lined up afterwards too, so a really brilliant effort from everyone. We’re looking forward to watching the daffodils pop up in the Spring and we hope the children enjoy planting their extra bulbs with friends and families when they get home. Thanks Wild Bob!

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We’re really looking forward to working on our first bulb planting session this Wednesday. We’ll be working with Wild Bob’s Trail Kids to plant hundreds of bulbs during one of their fantastic outdoor education sessions. The gloves and the dibbers are ready, so let’s hope the rain stays away. We’ll update you all on Thursday!


Following on from a successful Bury wide planting project with schools, we are now moving our planting focus to Ramsbottom. We plan to offer some structured sessions throughout the year to a range of schools and community based organisations. Sessions would include activities such as outdoor learning through planting bulbs as well as learning about wildlife and the importance of maintenance.

We’re hoping that the new groups will have as much fun as the children we worked with last year. The project is supported by Bury Council with funding from the fantastic Tesco Bags of Help programme.  Watch this space for more details!

tulip2014 03 Bulb image