Thank you all for all your ideas and thoughts. Following your comments and steering we have been able to produce an ideal design for the improvement of the war memorials in Winsford Town Centre.

Please see the design below. Consultation is always open so please do feel free to leave a comment. What do you think? We would be interested to know. The next step for us is now to approach potential sources of funding. We were thinking of Winsford Town Council, Heritage Lottery Fund and WREN (a local landfill tax). We’ll let you know how we get on but feel free to get in touch if you have any other ideas. Thanks for your continued support and patience!


Hi everyone thank you for taking an interest in the War Memorials project in Winsford. We’ve had some really good feedback already, but we want to make sure we capture as many ideas as possible in making any potential improvements. Please look at the design options 1 and 2 below and then answer the questions on the short survey – please see link. https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/winsfordwarmemorial

Your input and thoughts are essential in making this project happen. Thank you very much in advance.


Take a look at the Press Release below for more inforation about the War Memorials Survey Launch:

Winsford Town Council Official Press Release
Restoration of War Memorials in Winsford

Winsford Town Council is working alongside social enterprise firm Proffitts – Investing in Communities to make much-needed improvements to the two town centre war memorials in Winsford.
The project – first announced earlier this year – is now really starting to gather momentum with local people taking a real interest in the improvement work.

One of the first steps for the project is to encourage local support and involve as many people as possible so it can be proved that the work is needed and wanted by the local people of Winsford. Once proved, Winsford Town Council intends to apply for various pieces of funding such as through the Heritage Lottery Fund and WREN (landfill tax).

To help this process and to encourage people to take part as well as collecting valuable feedback, a web page has been launched where people will be able to leave a comment, track progress and more importantly at this initial stage complete a survey asking their opinions on 2 design options.

Martin Proffitt from Proffitts said “it’s really important that as many people as possible
have their say, this will prove to any funders we go to that the improvements are
essential and are supported by local people” Mark Bailey Clerk to Winsford Town Council said “the improvements to the warmemorials have been a high priority for Winsford Town Council for many years now. It feels like this is the right to time to get the job done – please support the work by
completing the short survey

If you would like more information, please contact Martin Proffitt at Proffitts (CIC) on
07989928038 or martin.proffitt@proffittscic.com Or go to:
Alternatively, contact Winsford Town Council.


We are really looking forward to working with Winsford Town Council to try and restore the two War Memorials in the town centre. We can only do this with your help – please comment below if you’d like to find out more about how you can get involved. We look forward to hearing from you.