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Rising Bridge Play Area, Lancashire

Rising Bridge Play Area, Lancashire


The bulbs for the play area are finally in. We’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who supported the planting event – even though we couldn’t all squeeze in and plant together, just having the support of the community was wonderful. Extra special thanks go to Tesco #BagsOfHelp who made these finishing touches possible! We look forward to seeing you all again in the Spring when the area will be even more colourful!

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Thank you everyone who took part in the social distanced evaluation! There is some really useful feedback here which we can pass onto the funders and those involved. Happy playing 🙂

Evaluation results 04.09.20



Guess what! The play area is finished! With the help of the initial funders, Pocket Parks, Lancashire Environmental Fund, Awards for All, Newground Together,  Rossendale Borough Council, Lancashire County Council, Jacks and Winfields. These funders helped us complete this project and make a run down area into something really, really good. Not only is there a play facility for a wide age range but the space is better drained to allow free play and a whole host of ball games it is also well connected – right on the cycle route from Haslingden to Accrington. Thanks to everyone for you support and patience and thank you to the contractor who did a sterling job – Groundwork Landscapes. Here’s a few pics and a link – click here.

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Please feel free to leave a comment below as it helps the funders understand how important this is to the people and live and work in Rising Bridge / Rossendale.



More great news. Contractors are back on site and making progress with the play area. Thank you contractors! We and the local community really appreciate it. Also does anyone get involved in the finishing touches? We usually involve the local school to do some art work which would would transfer onto the metal railings, but because of you know what we cant do that. But we can do it online. Please click on the images below. Print it off, do your thing and send back and your work just may be part of the new play area. Or just do on a blank piece of paper if easier. Feel free to pass on to anyone who may be interested.

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Template for railings design v1 300x212 1


Great news – work on Rising Bridge play area has started! The work should take no more than 12 weeks (weather permitting). Once the improvements are done the local community will have access to a lovely space to either play with their friends and families or sit and have lunch. Thanks to everyone who has supported the project so far including St John’s Stonefold Primary School, Lancashire Environment Fund, the Pocket Parks team, Rossendale Borough Council, Tesco, Winfields, Newground Together and the National Lottery Fund.

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Great to see local residents raising the profile of the play area project and working to secure financial support from local businesses!

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Hi everyone, we now have permission from Rossendale Borough Council to move forward with the project and start to look for funding. We have a long list to get through which includes sources such as Lancashire Environmental Fund, but we are also going to try and approach some more local, not so traditional, sources. We will keep you all in the loop as we make any progress. Thanks everyone for your interest and support so far!


The survey closes tomorrow!! If you’ve been meaning to fill this in, then please do it today!! Thank you – the link is below 🙂


We’ve had some great responses so far – thank you!! But there is still time for more – the deadline is FRIDAY 13 OCTOBER – if you live in or around the Rising Bridge area, then please take just 5 minutes to give us your feedback. Scroll down for the link below. Thank you 🙂



The local community of Rising Bridge want to improve the play area.

In the initial stages we have asked local people how the play area should be improved. We have used this information to draw a simple but more detailed sketch design which you can see by clicking on the link below.

Rising Bridge Play Area sketch design phto e1506414699451 300x212 1

Please look at the design and complete the short survey. We will use this information to see if we have got it right, or make any changes to the plans to suit local people and try to get the funding needed to make the changes. We need to get a lot of completed questionnaires to help us make our case to get the funding.

Please note: Funds are not guaranteed.

Rising Bridge sketch design

Rising Bridge -survey



We are really pleased to announce that we are to be working with the Friends of Rising Bridge community group to try and help secure funding to improve the dilapidated equipment. We had a positive meeting with the council earlier last week who are in full support too. Our first step will be to start the consultation so if you receive a questionnaire on the area please fill it in and return – from that we will be able to draw up a sketch design of your ideas and start to try and fundraise. Watch this space!

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