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Starmount Reservoir, Radcliffe

Starmount Reservoir, Radcliffe


Proffitts will be working with Bury Council on a project to protect Starmount Reservoir, Radcliffe.

Planned works include the removal of all vegetation including trees, shrubs and brambles from all 4 sides of the reservoir embankments at each side of the path towards the reservoir, and down the banking to the bottom of the slope. Engineers have advised that the works must be carried out to keep the structure of the reservoir banking safe.  The area affected is between the two black lines shown on the map below.

The photo to the right shows the banking in 2015 when similar work was carried out. The aim of the work is to protect the reservoir embankments from further damage, and to return all the bankings to this appearance. They will then be maintained as mown grass in the future.

To help ensure that the area remains as green and welcoming as possible in the long term, 350 new trees will be planted in suitable, safer, spaces around the reservoir. These include a mix off 300 oak, birch, cherry and lime, and a mix of 50 scots pine, holly, yew, western red cedar, white cedar and swamp cypress.

For visitor safety, access to parts of the site will be prohibited while contactors are working. However, the lower lodge will remain open at all times for fishing and walkers.

We expect work to begin in late February / early March and last up to 4 weeks, before the bird nesting season begins. We will keep you updated here, so please do check back for details.

If you have any comments about the project, or if you would like to be kept up to date about the project directly via your email, then please click here: Starmount

Starmount lodge for consultation v3

How the site looked in 2015, after similar works:

2015 photo