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Steve Burke Pump Track, Pendle

Steve Burke Pump Track, Pendle


It was a fantastic day when the BMX Pump Track officially opened on 12th May. It’s been a brilliant project and we’d like to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has supported the project over the last couple of years – hope you all enjoy the track!

SB 2 sb3 sb4 Steve Burke PIc 1


Just a quick update for you all. The working group associated with project delivery of the BMX Pump Track – which includes Pendle Borough Council, Cycle Sport Pendle and Pendle Panthers have informed us that they are nearing completion of the site! Fantastic news! They are planning to formerly launch the area on Saturday 12th May starting at 12 noon til 4pm. Get down there if you can.

Opening Image


Hi everyone. This is a new pump track that has just completed in Whitworth, Rossendale – we are trying to achieve something similar with this project. We think you’ll agree it looks brilliant. Click on the link below to check it out and share away please! Thanks


We did it – £1000 has been secured from Tesco Bags of Help scheme for this project – THANK YOU to everyone that took the time to vote – it means so much!! More plans to make now 🙂


Since receiving the CCG funding, we have started to coach the kids on the tarmac circuit and a small training area, ready for when the full pump track is built. This has meant we now have 20 riders every Saturday, many of them newbies who have heard about the BMX project and want to get involved. A few of these riders are now competing in the north regional races and at club races! We might just have a few promising champions within our midst! Manny, Andy and 2 other volunteers are now qualified coaches – one of whom is a World series Downhill rider masters champion! We have a new BMX team which is part of Cycle Sport Pendle , known as ” The Pendle Panthers”. All in all , we are eagerly awaiting the completion of our pump track so that we can advance the riders to the next level and start to engage with even more young people who may be interested in using BMX as a way to do something positive, plus provide a safe space for families to bring their kids to ride. Ps we have some new jerseys too!

Jersey 1  Jersey 2



Hi everyone. We have another opportunity for this fabulous project to win a share of funding. This time from Tesco Bags of Help. Most of you will know what to do! The next time you’re doing your shopping at Tesco (it doesn’t matter how small or big your shop is – there is no minimum spend. You don’t have to purchase a bag either!) just make sure you collect a token from the cashier. Put your token into the glass box, usually by the entrance. It should be clearly labelled as follows:

Organisation Name – Cycle Sport Pendle

Project Title – Steven Burkes Pump Track

For those that aren’t familiar with this project, here’s a brief overview….creating the pump track facility for bikes will consist of a starting mound with approximately 240lin.m of track with beams and jumps. The surface will be a compacted stone with reinforcing at corners and berms (to be confirmed if this will be a concrete based material or macadam based). The entire area will be fenced off to ensure it is dog free and to deter motorbikes. There will also be new seating, storage and signage installed. The track is not for the sole use of BMX’s –mountain bikes can also be used alongside children’s cycles. It is expected that this will alsohelp improve fitness levels, levels of participation in local events and reduce anti-social behaviour.  We carried out some initial consultation through focus group work in 2013. From this initial work, it became clear that there wasn’t enough for young people to do in the area and there were also concerns that this was leading to anti-social behaviour around our streets. The need for BMX/bike activities came out highly on the list of requirements for activities for young people.  In delivering the project we hope to tackle the following issues:
• Low levels of health
• Low levels of physical activity
• High levels of crime associated with antisocial behaviour
• Little opportunity to engage in sport
• Low levels of community engagement and cohesion
• Low levels of skill / interest in sport

It is a fabulous community project – trust us – we think it will make such a difference to the community! Please help do your bit by voting. Many thanks! ps the two stores below are the ones where you can vote!

Great Harwood





There’s still time to vote!! Here’s the link. Please take just 2 minutes to make a real difference to this great project #community #Pendle #Aviva

And you get the chance to vote up to 10 times!!!



Great news!!! This project has the chance to win funding from Aviva Community Fund. All you have to do is register and cast your vote. Plus you get the chance to vote 10 times! If you live in and around the area, please, please, please share this – it is an amazing opportunity for the local community to have access to a high quality pump track – and it will benefit all ages and abilities. Come on, let’s make this happen – voting starts today and it closes in 28 days – let’s do this!! Click on this link below – it really will take just a few minutes – promise!


Sir Chris Hoy backs Access Sports BMX legacy programme – click here to watch the video


Go on Ross – you’re doing Chorley proud!

Click on the link here to read all about how he’s competing in South America later this month!


We’ve just received this lovely testimonial from someone who races for team MIND, the mental health charity.They have a bmx race team and they have a mental health commitment to BMX:

“BMX has a lot of benefits. It helps give kids from the age of 3, to the oldest BMX competing BMX’er (who is 69!), the opportunity to focus on something positive. #TeamMindBMX was formed to help bring awareness of mental health and help with fundraising for the charity, MIND.”



The response to the consultation was fantastic – thank you to all those who took the time to give us your thoughts and feedback. We wanted to publish all the responses for you to see. Just click on the link below

Steven Burke – consultation results February/March 2016



The talking is over! The existing BMX track locally known as Steve Burke Pump Track is due for a major revamp. Plans have been created based on low key focus groups and discussions with potential users in the community. We are now at a stage to ensure everyone has their say on how to make the existing facility great! With the help of Cycle Sport Pendle Volunteers, paper questionnaires and leaflets are being delivered over the next few weeks. If you live in the area or are interested in using the facility, please make sure you have your say by clicking on this link to the survey on the web page below. Stay fit and healthy!


For many years the residents of Barrowford and Nelson have enjoyed use of the Off Road Bike Trail at Bullhome (situated on land between the motorway bridge and Swinden Playing Fields). There is the chance to now improve and update this facility so that it can continue to be enjoyed by local users of all ages and abilities for many years to come. Pendle Borough Council and Cycle Sport Pendle have come up with a design to modify the existing trail and layout in addition to providing additional parking (which could be used as an event space and junior training area) and improving traffic flow. Please can we ask you to click on this Survey Monkey link, look at the design and complete the very short survey – it will take just 5 minutes. We will use this information to see if we have got it right, or make any changes to the plans to suit local people and try to get the funding needed to make the changes. We need to get a lot of completed surveys to help us make our case to get the funding! Thanks for your support.


The links below give further information about the proposed scheme. Links include: location plans, proposed current scheme and some photos to give you a good insight into the current state of the site and what it could be like. Please note that the drawings are just an artist’s impression at this stage – some people have asked where have all the trees gone? You cant chop all the trees down! Don’t worry – trees will remain!!!! The scheme will work with the trees and benefit from their presence.

 It is also worth noting that there are opportunites for businesses and individuals to make a contribution to to a particular element of the scheme, as well as the overall cost of the scheme. If this is of interest to you, please do not hesitate to contact us or simply click the ‘donate’ button to the right hand side on the Home page. More updates will follow soon. Please feel free to share and comment. Thank you!

BMX location plan

Pump Track 2

Pump Track Appendices 210715

Scheme PDF 2



These photos taken from the ‘Tour of Britain’ event on 5 Sept at Swinden Hub. It was a great day and fun was had by the young and senior riders – all racing to their hearts content 🙂 Part of the day was to promote the project idea to revamp the existing pump track, which is adjacent to the site. Plans were shown and discussed and 150 people signed their support for the project! More consultation to follow.

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11960250_10153169124960954_5343182734813256229_n  11988211_10153169125870954_7773639112171420743_n

11988550_10153169124900954_7616524075440848363_n  11993285_10153169125105954_1816896724244490960_n


Have a sneaky peak at the sign that someone has made up for us 🙂 – they’re both A3 size –  one up at the bridge side and the other at the far end.



010  011  023


Photo’s above are from the initial site visit April 2015



We are delighted to get the ball rolling with Pendle Borough Council and the Steering Group for this project. The steering group have already done a lot of great work, including consultation, and we intend to work together to build on this, which will lead us to submitting strong, community led funding applications. Attached is a plan of the pump track and skills area/car park elements of the project. The first meeting takes place next week! We will keep you posted here!

Please like their page on Facebook by clicking here 

You can also view the training area and car park by clicking on the link below

training area and car park-2