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Victory Park Skate Park, Barnoldswick

Victory Park Skate Park, Barnoldswick


A huge thank you to everyone who completed the survey!

We’ve passed the results on to the groups involved with the project, and they’ll now use our consultation information and your feedback to decide their next steps. Good luck to everyone involved going forwards, and thanks again for taking part πŸ™‚


Complete the survey here.

We’re really looking forward to working on this project with the Friends of Victory Skate Park and Barnoldswick Town councillors, Barnoldswick, Pendle. We’ll be building on the great consultation work that’s already been done by the group, and we will work together with Barnoldswick Town Council and Pendle Borough Council in this development phase. We will also seek support from Lancashire County Council. We will also be asking local residents and skate park users to come up with a design suitable for all age ranges and ability levels of wheeled sports including BMX, inline skaters, scooters and skateboarders. It’s quite an ambitious project, but with your support, the team hope to attract the funding needed to implement this much-needed upgrade. The project may take several years, but, as a first step, please do pledge your support and complete this survey! And please do share this with other residents and park users so we get as many responses as possible!

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