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Whitworth Memorial Gardens, Rossendale

Whitworth Memorial Gardens, Rossendale

Whitworth and District Horticultural Society approached Proffitts to assist with applying for stage 1 for Community Spaces. The group wanted to visualise their ideas in terms of getting a sketch design and cost estimate for refurbishing the garden area, whilst at the same time being sensitive to the original layout and design features such as the fencing. The stage 1 application has now been submitted.

05.12.11 Funding for the project came from Community Spaces programme which is being managed by Groundwork UK as an Award Partner to the Big Lottery Fund. Community Spaces is part of the Big Lottery Fund’s Changing Spaces initiative. The group are hoping to continue the good work by renewing the planting scheme over the next few months to create new planting beds that give beautiful colour and interest all year round. They are hoping for a launch event in May 2012 to celebrate completion of the project.

Karen Douglas, the Town Clerk from Whitworth said “Proffitts has recently project managed the refurbishment of the Memorial Gardens in Facit, Whitworth. Rachael Marsden from Proffitts has worked closely with all involved from the outset, even before funding was in place, and has managed the entire project from identifying the funding to the day-to-day management of the actual refurbishment itself. She has worked particularly closely with members of the Whitworth and Healey Horticultural Society, a group of outstanding local volunteers with limited experience of projects of this size and nature; she has encouraged and advised them and her enthusiasm and professionalism has seen the Society rise to the challenge and ‘blossom’ on every level. The result is an outstanding improvement to the Gardens using funding that no-one else on the project would have had the knowledge or expertise to apply for without her help. I would have no hesitation in working with Proffitts again based on this experience”.

This project was completed in 2012.

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