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Broadhurst Park Project Update

16 October 2012

Artist Ann Gilligan from Green Monster Arts installed all the mosaics at the sunken garden in Broadhurst Park in the few sunny days we were lucky enough to get in early September. The cast stone seats are shaped as petals and installed into flower shapes with leaves in between. The mosaics create different coloured flowers and leaves, with bugs and insects and are based on designs that were created by local schools – St Marys Primary School and St Dunstans Primary School.

Looks good!

The ornamental and fruit tree planting will take place in the winter of this year by Groundwork Landscapes Ltd as this is the best time for the bare rooted stock we have ordered. Once these are planted, the project will be complete.

Practical completion 15.08.12 21

And artist Ann is also working on another project with Proffitts at the new toddler play area at Sam Redfern Green in Gee Cross, Hyde. She has held 3 workshops with the Friends of Sam Redfern Green, local schools (Gee Cross and Dowson Primary schools) and with the Beavers group to get ideas for thermoplastic artwork for the new tarmac path at the Green. Watch this space for designs and photos of the artwork as the project progresses. The aim is to create colourful, nature themed artwork that incorporates games and activities.

If you want to see any more of Ann’s work, please click here: