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Clean Up at Brangy Dip

10 September 2019

After the successful clean ups at Brangy Dip in May, and the clearing of the banks of the feeder in August, there is now another event scheduled for Saturday 21st September from 11 am until 3pm.

This event will finish clearing the bank of the feeder next to the path, and also remove more weed from the feeder itself.  If the team get enough people there, they might even be able to clear some of bank on the other side of the feeder.

If you’ve not done it before, please join for an hour or so on the 21st – it is surprisingly pleasant and not as much hard work as you would expect. All equipment will be provided, but if you have your own gardening gloves it’s an idea to bring them with you. If you’d like to go along – please contact Susan Southworth, Labour Councillor for Elton ward: [email protected]