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Please vote for Incredible Edible #Rossendale!

Please vote for Incredible Edible #Rossendale!

28 April 2017


Just a little reminder to vote for this very special project – it is focused on improving the health and fitness of our community in Rossendale. All you have to do is make sure you collect a blue token from the cashier the next time you do your shop at Tesco. This is what the voting box looks like – it’s usually at the entrance of the store. Thank you!

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We have spoken with local children’s groups, friends of groups and places of interest such as The Whitaker Cafe. They report that they are really interested in taking part in planned activities, as in some cases it links to their own priorities. Rossendale has a health problem – and its getting worse. In the Whitworth area of Rossendale alone, one in four children have recently been diagnosed as obese and in need of a nutritional diet.

This project links directly to the nationally recognised issue of poor eating habits, inactive young people, together with increasing levels of mental health issues. Through research and consultation we know that many people are unsure how to grow food and prepare basic meals resulting in poor diets. 

Much housing in Rossendale has little or no garden space. IER demonstrates how easy it is to grow food in limited space and encouraging people to pick produce for their own use.

Through this project our work will become self-sustaining as we recruit and train volunteers. They will then be able to provide further direction, management and maintenance of our work as well as providing continued support to schools, children’s and general groups who will use them.

We now have the opportunity to win a share of funding from Tesco Bags of Help to get this project started. Can you help us by voting? All you have to do is make sure you get a blue token the next time you do your shop at Tesco (Haslingden store only). We know it gets busy on check out so please remember to ask the cashier for a token. Once you have one, take it to the large glass box (usually at the entrance of the store) and put your token into the slot which says ‘Incredible Edible Rossendale’. It’s that easy!! And the best bit is – you can vote as many times as you like – until the end of June. Please do your bit – it is much appreciated! Thank you!