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The Old Library Waterfoot CIC

The Old Library Waterfoot CIC

5 March 2019


Just a reminder that you have until 30th April to vote for The Old Library Waterfoot CIC project at the Tesco superstore in Haslingden. There are always 3 brilliant projects looking for support so please remember to pop your counters in each time you shop.


The Old Library Waterfoot CiC are looking for your support to help them gain the funding needed to improve the outdoor space at the library so they can offer additional food and drink services and become a place for people to meet and mingle.

If you’d like to see this project spring in to life, then support the group by popping your Tesco counter in to the Old Library Waterfoot CiC¬†box at Tesco in Haslingden. There are always 3 projects showcased in the shop at any one time. Whatever brilliant project you want to support, please do always make sure that you pop your Tesco discs in to the boxes in each store – Tesco really do help lots of local projects that we can all benefit from. Vote in store until 30th April 2018.

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