East Lancashire Recovery College – Delivering courses and qualifications in well-being, self-development and condition management.

All courses are open access therefore there are no referrals needed, people just phone up and apply – there is no cost. All courses are open to everyone – patients, service users, carer’s, front line staff, people who wish to enhance their CPD etc. Attendees are all learners/students regardless of where they come from or their mode of attendance. Each course is designed so that people can better manage their symptoms or understand the symptoms of their loved ones, colleagues, friends and that through this their well-being is positively impacted.

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April 2016 – prospectus

Location: Stubbylee Hall, Stubbylee Lane, Bacup, Rossendale, OL13 0DD

All courses are free and open to all. For more information or to apply please call: 07933812890 or email elrc@stubbyleecg.org or call in to find out more.

Stubbylee Hall


(Stubbylee Hall)