Really great to see that this project has been covered locally by The Bury Times – full article available here.

Thanks to everyone for their support and feedback so far – we’ll update you again soon.


A sketch and brief questionnaire outlining some plans for the church area are now ready for everyone to take a look at. If you could take a few minutes to let us know your thoughts and feedback, we’d be really grateful. You can click to enlarge the sketch design below and answer the survey questions by clicking this link to the Bury Parish Church Survey

Thank you for your help – we’ll keep you updated as the project moves forward.


Proffitts are delighted to be working with Bury Borough Council and the parishioners of Bury Parish Church

Access ways to the site have deteriorated over time and need to be improved so that further accidents can be avoided and all visitors can access the church safely, and also to allow disabled visitors to safely reach the church. The group offer activities and facilities for all section of the community, not just church goers. There are regular concerts, the church supports its choir, scouting and guiding, and toddler groups and there is a café open to all across the week. The approach that cars use at the moment is damaging historical ledger stones which have been part of the grounds for hundreds of years. As part of the project we hope to improve safety and access as this is the only route for wheelchair and pram access, but, crucially, we want to protect the heritage and conserve the names and stones in danger of being damaged beyond repair.