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Greenmount Play Area / Village Green – Final Phase, Bury

Greenmount Play Area / Village Green – Final Phase, Bury


Thank you to everyone who gave us their thoughts and feedback about the changes to the village green and play area – we really appreciate you taking the time. It’s great to see that so many of you are happy with the changes and the site seems to be as busy as ever. It was a fantastic project to be part of – the Greenmount Village Community are a brilliant group. We hope that the residents of Greenmount enjoy the space for many years to come.

Greenmount Evaluation 2020


Hello everyone,

As you know, Greenmount Village Community have worked hard over the last few years to secure the funding needed to redevelop both the play area and the village green. During the project we have had to overcome many obstacles including storms, an unusually wet winter and, of course, the coronavirus pandemic that we all find ourselves facing at the moment. We would like to thank all of our residents for their patience and understanding over the last few months.

Although 2020 hasn’t been as straightforward as we would have liked, we do hope that – now the project has been completed – our residents and visitors are happy with the new facilities.

It would be a great help to us if you could take some time to complete the short questionnaire here: Greenmount Evaluation. It gives you the opportunity to share your thoughts and feedback about the play area and village green improvements with both us and also the partners and funders who have supported us. The survey is very short and should only take a few minutes to complete, but it would be really wonderful if we could get some comments from local people to share with the teams involved.

Once again, we thank you for your patience over the last couple of years while the work has been planned, funded and undertaken – we do hope that you and your families enjoy the space as much as we do!


Latest copy of the Greenmount Voice attached. You can read more about the Phase 2 Proposals and

find out what else in happening in Greenmount over the coming weeks:

gm190813 Newsletter Issue 44page 2gm190813 Newsletter Issue 44


We are delighted to inform you that funding for the final phase has been secured. Thanks to all the

hard work from the community and people donating the final phase will be starting in the next 2 weeks

and will consist of some junior play, access improvements from the car park to the path, memorial seating

and some communal games such as chess and even boules. As the work starts to happen we will post

some pictures up so you can see and share progress. Thanks for all your support!


Just 10 days left to vote for the Greenmount Village Community Project! A quick reminder that the

Tesco Bags of Help Scheme votes for this round will be open until Sunday 30th June. If you’re

in the Tesco store in Ramsbottom don’t forget to use your blue counters to vote for a project every time

you shop.

Tesco 2 Greenmount and Burrs IMG 6962 e1561039238203 225x300 1


Just a quick reminder that you have until Sunday 30th June to vote for the Greenmount Village

Community project to receive some funding from the brilliant Tesco Bags of Help Grant Scheme.

Pop your coins in the box at the Tesco store, Ramsbottom. Thanks to everyone who supports this project,

and all of the other good causes advertised in store.

Tesco Burrs and Greenmount IMG 6827 e1559546967436 225x300 1


We are delighted to announce that the Greenmount Village Community application to the

Tesco Bags of Help Grant Scheme has been successful and the project has been put forward for a

customer vote in the Ramsbottom Tesco store during May and June 2019.

This project, along with the other two successful projects, will go forward to a vote in the store where

Tesco customers will decide the outcome by voting for their favourite project each time they shop.

Voting will take place from Wednesday 1st May 2019 to Sunday 30th June 2019 and we will find

out at the end of July 2019 the amount of funding we will receive. The project with the highest number

of votes could receive £4,000, the second placed project £2,000 and the third placed project £1,000.

To vote, you will need to make a purchase within the Tesco Ramsbottom store (Irwell St, BL0 9AS. See

the attached map) of any value. You will receive one token per transaction and it’s not necessary to

purchase a carrier bag in order to receive a token. You then put the token in the Tesco Bags of Help

unit, usually located near the door.

Thank you, Tesco!

Burrs Vote 238x300 1


Since the last update we’ve been busy fundraising for Phase 2 of the Greenmount

project and we’re thrilled to say that we’ve almost raised the full amount needed and we’re looking

forward to getting started. The key objective of this Phase is to provide facilities for the 12+ age

group as well as items for adults to encourage them to enjoy the outdoor facility in the heart of

our community. Take a look at the Greenmount news for all the latest information on funding,

start dates and details of the meeting to discuss the next phase.

Please also find attached an invitation to a musical evening to raise money for D-CaFF. It is very

light hearted and fun event, and your host for the evening is Rev Alan Morris, Band Leader of the

Greenmount Strummers.

The date for the Village Party has also been confirmed as Monday, 6th May so we’ll see you there!

190322 Newsletter Issue 42 212x300 1 190322 Newsletter Issue 42p2D CaFF Get Together 1


A new feature on site at the Greenmount Play Area – a living willow arched walkway by the talented Joy

Ladds. Joy started her work just before the snow arrived, but it looks lovely in both the sunshine and the

snow. We can’t wait to see it burst in to life in the next few months.

willow weaving 3 2 300x225 1 willow weaving 5 2 e1548868040119 225x300 1 willow snow 2 e1548868426428 225x300 1Willow snow e1548868409559 225x300 1 Willow sign e1548868794933 225x300 1


Following the recent success we’ve had regenerating the Greenmount play area, we have

been working with Greenmount Village Community on a smaller, but just as important,

final phase! Following consultations, the new plans would be aimed at older children

and families with the provision of a zip line, small ball game area (basket/netball), picnic

seating and a BBQ area. We hope that once we’ve done this, then the area really will have

something for everyone. Attached is a plan of the intended improvements – as always,

please let us know what you think, we’d love to hear your thoughts. If you scroll down to the             

bottom you can leave a comment. Please do! 🙂

Area for improvement:

Greenmoount Phase 2 3 e1540819023558 225x300 1 Greenmoount Phase 2 2 e1540819040674 225x300 1 Greenmoount Phase 2 1 e1540819059746 225x300 1

Plans for Greenmount Play Area / Village Green – Final Phase

(Click on image to enlarge)

Greenmount Phase 2 Sketch Design Oct 2018 1 300x212 1


Please note that the police still need a few more volunteers to monitor the speeding in the village.

We’ve signed up to help – hope you can too. Click on images for full page view:

180706 Newsletter Issue 39 V1 212x300 1180706 Newsletter Issue 39 P2 212x300 1


Here’s the latest copy of the Greenmount Voice Newsletter (39). Take a look to find out more about Phase 2

of the village green project and everything you need to know about forthcoming events in the

village. Click on images for full page view:

180706 Newsletter Issue 39 V1 212x300 1180706 Newsletter Issue 39 P2 212x300 1


Thank you so much to everyone who has emailed us and given us their thoughts about the new Greenmount Play Area. The feedback has been fantastic! If you’ve not had chance to complete the survey yet, don’t worry – you can still share your comments about the park, and also any suggestions for future changes you’d like to see in Greenmount, by clicking on this link

In the meantime, this is what some of our local residents have had to say:

‘The new park is a joy to visit, it’s always busy and the kids love it.”

”The new park is now the hub of our village. We all meet there – children, parents, grandparents. We love it.”

”It’s been life changing for me and my baby.”

”It’s lovely to see children at play, it’s excellent.”

”It’s a credit to the area.”

”It’s the best park around.”

IMG 6020 300x225 1

See you all at the Greenmount Midsummer picnic on Sunday, 24th June!


Another lovely event planned for Greenmount: The Greenmount Midsummer Picnic will take place on Sunday 24th June. See you there!!

180606 midsummer picnic poster 212x300 1


We LOVED supporting on this project, and we’re thrilled to get such lovely feedback 🙂

The team at Proffitts – Investing in Communities have helped the Greenmount Village Community group complete a Play Area project that we have struggled to get off the ground some time. They worked with us to secure the last stage of funding, after 4 years of trying which amounted to 40% of the budget. This single act helped the Community move from desire to outcome. Proffitts then helped take our ideas and design the play area, introduced us to reliable contractors and worked with all of the partner organisations to manage the on-site work from start to finish. Even when Martin and Rachael were presented with unforeseen problems – including the arrival of “The Beast from the East” – they worked hard to make sure that everything was delivered on time, and to budget. Our village now has a wonderful new play area that the residents and visitors are thrilled with. We’ve transformed a tired, unused area in to an area full of fun and laughter for local families. Proffitts are a small team, but they can accomplish a lot with their drive and determination from help with securing funds right through to making local spaces better for everyone who lives here.

Alistair Waddell, Chairman Greenmount Village Community

Having worked with Proffitts on previous projects we knew when Greenmount Village Community Association requested their team came on board that we would have trustworthy, professional people to work with; and they certainly didn’t disappoint. The project really moved on when Proffitts joined the team.

Mike Bent, Parks &Countryside Manager, Bury Council


As this brilliant project draws to a close, we thought we’d share the Proffitts Case Study that summarises the work completed in Greenmount.

Click image for full page view:

Greenmount Play area Case Study May 2018



The Grand Opening of the Greenmount Village Green took place on Monday 7th May – and what a fantastic event it was! The Village Party was blessed with amazing sunshine and the community turned out in force to support the event and have some fun in the sun. It was all made possible by Alistair Waddell and his brilliant team at Greenmount Village Community and the volunteers who gave up their time to help on the day – thanks everyone! There are some lovely pictures below, taken and sent on to us by John D Southworth who captured the day perfectly.

We’d also like to say a huge ‘Thank You’ to everyone for their brilliant emails and comments about the play area. We’re thrilled that the feedback has been so positive and we hope that the children continue to enjoy the play area for many years to come.

DSC 0522 2DSC 0506 2 300x201 1

  DSC 0502 2 DSC 0501 2 207x300 1 DSC 0509 2 DSC 0499 2 300x208 1 DSC 0498 2 300x208 1 DSC 0478 2 DSC 0494 2 DSC 0492 2 DSC 0491 2 DSC 0490 2 DSC 0489 2 300x207 1 DSC 0488 2 DSC 0487 2 DSC 0486 2 300x206 1 DSC 0485 2 DSC 0484 2 204x300 1 DSC 0483 2 DSC 0482 2 300x199 1 DSC 0480 2   


We are thrilled to announce that Greenmount Play Area is now open to the public. Last Friday the Cubs  helped with some planting and placed 120 water loving plants along the edge of the field – and we’re really grateful for all their hard work. There are still some finishing touches which need to be done before the site is complete and ready for the Mayor’s visit on Monday 7th for the Official Opening, but you do not need to wait until then to enjoy the fun – please visit any time!

DSC02414 300x169 1 DSC02438 DSC02443 300x169 1 DSC02447



The team at Greenmount Play Area are almost finished. The play area is still closed as work gets completed on the fencing, paths and planting but we’re looking forward to the Grand Opening on Bank Holiday Monday, 7th May. We look forward to seeing you there!

Update 17 Apr


Have a look at this video of Greenmount Play Area on YouTube:

It really demonstrates the drainage issue we are trying to resolve. Thanks Grant (local chap) for doing the footage.


Despite the poor weather the contractors have moved in and are now starting work on the Village Green. This article appeared in the Bury Times last week and lets you know what is happening:

Please be aware now that the whole of the Village Green is a construction site and so off limits to the public.

Work Has Started Pic 2 13 Feb 300x225 1 Work Has Started Pic 3 Feb 13 300x225 1


The play are improvements at Greenmount are due to kick off very shortly! The play equipment has been ordered and the contract to install and make the improvements has also been awarded. Look out for activity in early Feb 2018. Thanks for all your support and interest in the project so far. Attached is a local newsletter highlighting the project. Please read through and share with anyone who may be interested. Thanks> 🙂

180109 Newsletter Issue 37 final (2)


Great to talk through the play area plans with James Frith yesterday – thank you for the support! #Greenmount #Bury #ViridorCredits



Hey – we’ve only gone and done it! Working closely with Greenmount Village Community and Bury Council we were successful in raising the funds required to improve the play area! Around £90,000 will be invested into the space which will improve the drainage and modernise the play equipment there. It’s going to take a little time to organise things as we have to finalise the design and specifications and then put the work out to tender and purchase equipment / deliver the work on the ground (all of which does take time) – but all going well we should have a new area for play by the end of this calendar year. Three cheers for Greenmount Village Community!



 Hi guys – thanks for supporting the plans for improving the play area recently.  The plan is due to an obvious need to bring the play area back into full use. As we all know in wet weather the area floods and becomes really muddy limiting use for long periods of time – also the equipment is old and some is starting to get removed. If we are lucky enough to attract funding to improve the area we will be able to tackle the drainage issues, move the area itself and build it up to a higher level and then install new pieces of equipment. Greenmount Village Community and Bury Council have been working closely with us trying to attract funding to do this and we hope to hear the outcome of our fund raising work by June 2017. Fingers crossed. Click on the link below for a proposed sketch


 Greenmount 1  Greenmount 2 300x225 1